Expired G6 transmitter

I unexpectedly came upon an unopened G6 transmitter today with an expiration date of 6/2022. I know that G6 transmitters are hardwired not to allow for a new session 99 days after they were first started. Is the expiration date from when they were manufactured also hardwired in?
I’d hate to waste a transmitter, but I also don’t want to waste a sensor by starting a session with a transmitter that’s going to stop itself because of an expiration date.
Also, if the expiration date is NOT hardwired and it will allow me to use it, any experience with whether it will work OK?

I think expiration is date Dexcom uses to not allow it to replaced.

Many G6 transmitters can be used after, as long as battery is still strong enough.

(and older G5 and G6 transmitters could have batteries replaced for even longer use. But not the newer ones)

Try it. It will either work or not.


Call Dexcom. They may offer you a free non expired one!


I’m wearing an expired transmitter now and it’s been working fine. In fact I’m at the end of the 3 month life cycle and haven’t had any issues at all.

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Quick update: as you predicted, the transmitter with the 6/22 expiration works fine so far

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