Dexcom g6

Question concerning the Dexcom g6 sensor. I wear the sensor around the stomach area like they suggest. I’m also wearing the Tslim pump. Can I wear the g6 sensor on the back of my arms or any place other than my stomach? I know the official Dexcom statement, just want to know if it is possible and accurate to wear other places.

Yep, pretty much wherever you like as long as it’s comfortable and it;s accurate for you. I wouldn’t tell Dexcom you’re wearing it in an unapproved place because they didn’t test it during the FDA trials anywhere but the abdomen for adults.

I have always worn the Dexcom G6 on my arm. I was used to my arm as I wore my Libre there. I save my abdomen for my Omnipod to be moved around on.

Yes, I do upper arm and hip. I never do stomach.

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I always wear it on the back of my arm. For me it works well there.

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Most people wear it wherever they can. And when I go to events for diabetes and the Dexcom people have a table, they see all of us wearing it on our arms or legs. They know but they only tested on the stomach. Who knows maybe in newer trials, they will change the location. But most agree, where it wherever you like!

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With the G5 I tried several locations. Back of my arm gave me the best results. G6 I have only worn on the back of my arm. I am getting fantastic results.

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Guess I better make sure I am wearing it on the approved site when I visit my endo. A tandem and Dexcom rep will be at my next apt. That’s not until November, so…

maybe future versions will allow you to place it on your neck so that you can look like a Borg from Star Trek Next Generation :slight_smile:


As long as it works - All’s fair in love and war and diabetes :yum:

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