Dexcom sites

I’ve seen some people on instagram and Facebook put their dexcom in sub-q areas (abdomen, back of arms) and muscle (deltoid, calf) I started wearing a dexcom 3 days ago and love it. Just curious about the best places to wear it. Also, does having it over a muscle change the accuracy?

I wear mine on the back of my arm. For me, it seems to be more accurate.

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I will try that next site change. Thanks!

I started wearing it on the back of my arm because I was sweating too much last Spring and Summer

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I haven’t tried an arm site yet - since I like pump sites there. My current site is on the side of my chest - near to the armpit. That general area has been a favorite of mine, since I don’t need to shave it and it seems to work well even in the summer when I often sweat bullets…

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I love the back of my arm. I have only placed it on my abdomen 3 times in 3 years.

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I alternate between my arms as well, on the back. Seems just as accurate as anywhere else, and the adhesive holds up better there for whatever reason.

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I’m using the back of my left arm right now but notice i get lots of “???” so i will probably go back to abdomen at next change. I saw someone this weekend who wears it on his calf. I’m trying to figure out how since his legs were rather thin but he swore it was his best site. Go figure lol

I tried the top of my not-thin thigh once ( lol ) & also got the ???. Just see where you have the most accurate readings & go from there.

Congrats on the Dexcom! It’s life-changing :blush:


Since I got my CGM about 6 months ago I’ve only alternated between sites on the back of my arms or the top of my calves (I place it where there is adequate real estate so it’s doesn’t go into muscle). I’ve never placed it on my abdomen and have loved the Dexcom from the get go. In that time, I think I’ve only had two sensors that seemed to be wonky (???'s too frequently). Good luck.

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I’ve read about a lot of people using their arms. I will be starting on Dexcom for the first time on Friday and I would love to use my arms since I’m very active and the abdomen area sweats a lot.

However I’m a side sleeper and cannot imagine how an arm site would not be compressed while sleeping (causing false lows)? Does everyone who uses their arm either not sleep on their sides or somehow only sleep on one side (I definitely roll over a lot in my sleep). Is there a specific place on the arm that side sleepers can recommend? I’m very slim and have little fat in case that affects any recommendations.

I am a side sleeper and only use the back of my arms. I put the sensor within an inch or two of the armpit area. When I sleep, there is a small space between my arm and my side where the sensor fits in. I rarely have issues with pressure on the sensor.

Thank you. Just to confirm, is it positioned in the center of the back of your arm - ie if you are standing with your arms at your sides, the sensor would be facing directly behind you?

I know I’ll need to experiment myself, but being self-funded I’d like to reduce my chances of a site that’s not workable.

Yes pretty much directly behind me works for me. Yours may vary.

Koors8672, I’m a fairly new Dexcom user too, and I found some videos on YouTube that showed exactly how to insert the sensor into your arm. I was also impressed to learn that you don’t have to change your sensor every week, as Dexcom suggests. So for the past few months, I’ve been using my arm exclusively, and I leave the sensor in until the adhesive is about to fall off. I also apply Skin Tac liquid adhesive, which really extends how long the sensor will stick. So (1) arm, (2) length of service, and (3) Skin Tac — these are all things Dexcom doesn’t tell you, but the diabetes community does. :slight_smile:


I currently have the G5 on my chest, about 4 inches above the nipple and slightly below the right clavicle bone. Going on 19 days with no issues. Just needed to reapply some opsite flexifit around day 14. I’ve tried the back of the arm, abdomen, and high up on the rib cage, but all of them whack out around 2 weeks. The only downside to the chest location is that it’s more easily visible in a tighter fitting shirt and it has the potential to get bumped by a seatbelt on occasion.

I cringe at this. First, I would probably have to get a chest haircut, then shave the chest area. And if I kept the sensor on too long it would be pretty painful removing it. It is bad enough dealing with my abdomen.

The only upside is the back of my arm is pretty free of hair.

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The initial insertion is a bit more painful, but the longevity of the chest location outweighs that aspect. My insurance only covers about 9 months of the sensors, so I’m trying to stretch each one as much as possible! Glad to hear the back of the arm works well for you!

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Going to try this. I’m terrified, haha, but always willing to try! Thanks for the post!