Dexcom Sites

Hello all! I’ve been using the Dexcom Seven Plus CGM since November, and I absolutely love it. The problem is, the only site I use is my abdomen, which gets annoying when rotating sites between that and my insulin pump site. I know some people use their arms for the dexcom- just wondering where everybody else puts theirs- and HOW! Putting it on my arm seems difficult! Also, why is it that the abdomen is the only FDA approved site? Will putting it on another spot on my body give me inaccurate readings or infection? I would appreciate any feedback! Thank you!

The abdomen is the only approved site I believe because that is only where the trials had it. Therefore they can not support something that wasn’t tested. I use a MM CGM, and my thighs are the main places where I put the sensor…becasue they are the sites with the best accuracy with me. The MM also has an absomen only indication. I do you use my arms occasionally - and I put it in like I would a pump site, or do a shot - use my knee to help roll the fatty tissue frontwards, and insert it that way. It’s a YDMV thing - you won’t know if the other sites work for you if you don’t try them, but many of us use other sites other than the abdomen for our sensors.

Use the top part of your glutes. Below your belt line of where the pants would rub, but above where it will be uncomfortable when you’re riding in a car. This is where I place my pump and also the dexcom and MM sensors when I’ve worn them. Placement there always gave me the same results and then they were also hidden.

Hi Danielle,

I agree: real estate on the abdomen is in prime demand!

I almost exclusively use my upper arms for the dexcom. Because you’re not infusing insulin, there isn’t any scar tissue to develop, so site rotation isn’t such a huge issue. I usually wear the sensors for two weeks at a time, and simply switch arms every time I put in a new one.

I put the sensor on my arm on the outside of my bicep. If you flex your right arm and look at the largest part of your bicep, I put my sensor about 90 degrees to the right and an inch or two higher. It’s a little tricky to get into place, but it’s awesome once you have it inserted and working.

Protip: take the plunger guard out before you stick it to your arm. You’re working one handed, so keep that in mind. The hardest part is getting the needle plunger disconnected from the sensor body. Once you have that accomplished, you’re home free. It helps a bunch if you can get a friend to unplug you. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

I have also only used dexcom since December and only use the back of my arms. I don’t like using my abdomen or lower back because I think there are enough holes there from using the pump lol. It is tricky and sometimes I need help to get the sensor in place but it gets easier with practice. I did notice that I need tegaderms to keep them in place for a whole week because the tape just does not seem to want to last.

thank you everyone! I think next time I rotate I will try a new spot =)

I see a therapist to work my abs just to keep my tissue healthy… my stomach is the only way to get the reading I want. But when I use my arm I sit on a chair (okay fine the toilet seat) and lean over so I can lean arm against my leg. That’s the best way I can explain it. But it will make a little fatty area for you to use… just be careful you don’t push on it too hard because I think you can disturb the tissue after. I do bleed more and have trouble with the pump wire… but you can clip it in your bra and your good to go.
I hope that helps a little!

Does anyone know if exercise will have an effect on the dexcom or cgm if I wear it on an alternate site than my stomach? say i wear it on my arms and then work my arms at the gym? i asked the people at dexcom but they said it’s only fda approved for abs :S

I use a minimed CGM, and have had really good luck using my thighs for the sensor site. The reason other locations are not FDA approved is that they are not as accurate as the abdomen. The trends seem to lag just a little bit.