Dexcom G7 and Apple Watch SE

I am considering getting an Apple Watch SE. Can anyone comment on the pros and cons of how it works with Dexcom G7? Thanks-

I have an Apple Watch 4 and Dexcom G6 so not the same setup but I believe the basics are the same.


  1. If you have an iPhone, it’s very easy to link an Apple Watch.
  2. You choose a watch face and add the Dexcom complication and you can see your blood sugar on your watch as long as you have your iPhone with you as the receiver. In my case, you have to touch the blood sugar number with your finger to see the most updated number. I’m not certain this is true for everyone. (It doesn’t necessarily update unless you open the complication on your watch)


  1. There’s no direct communication. You have to have your phone with you.
  2. The SE (my wife has one) needs to be charged daily.

Overall, it’s a good simple setup that I would recommend. It works for me. More technically inclined people may prefer more sophisticated setups — like direct Dexcom to Watch communication (only possible with smartwatches other than Apple Watches) or using something other than the Dexcom app on the smartwatch (not sure if you need an Android watch for that, too, but I think so.)

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Thanks for the info. Good to know that the SE needs daily charging.

Unfortunately, it seems the G7 really is a different beast. (And I like the G7 with its short start up time and small size.)

I had no trouble pairing the G6 to my wahoo cyclocomputer using xdrip and an old android tablet. However, it doesn’t work with the G7. I got a bluejay gts watch which does work with the G7, but, you have to carry the android device with you. As a iPhone user, not a good solution for me.

I’m hoping the G7 direct to watch (ha, which one?!) really is coming soon!

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It isn’t if you’re satisfied with Dexcom’s app, but if you’re looking for a different setup then I think the iPhone / Apple Watch combo is going to be more of a hassle than an Android setup.

Hi, Barb,
I bought an Apple watch about a year ago. It was not compatible with my G7. On looking into it, Apple was only selling watches compatible with G7’s sold quite some time ago. I had to return the watch.
You’d have to consult both Apple and Dexcom about the particular series.
Very frustrating,

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I’m not sure what you mean about the watch not being compatible with the G7. All the watch does is display the Dexcom app complication.

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It wouldn’t do that.

Hi Sue, I was looking up the Dexcom & Apple watch compatibility info for another thread and was surprised how many Apple Watches were compatible with the G7 app. Which Apple Watch did you buy and have trouble with?

I don’t know. I returned it a year ago.

I think they all use WatchOS. It doesn’t make sense to me that some would be incompatible.

As of right now 3/2024 the G7 app requires at least iOS 16.2 and watchOS 9.1 ‎Dexcom G7 on the App Store

Apple says Apple Watch 4 and newer (includes the SE) will run the current version, watchOS 10, Upgrading from 9 to 10 requires at least an iPhone XS or later with iOS 17. I think 9 required at least an iPhone 8 with iOS 16.

@Barb27 Check out the Watches compatible with Dexcom G6/G7 and when is direct to watch coming? topic for more info on options. With regards to buying a Watch SE this year, this is more computers than diabetes, it should work, note that it might reach end of support next year.


Thanks, all. I do realize Dexcom has a list of compatible Apple Watches on their website. I am seeking feedback on user experiences specifically with the G7 and one of the supported Apple Watches.

I see that Dexcom announced ‘direct to Apple Watch’ yesterday — 3/5. However, availability is vague (by end of Q2?) and no mention of Apple Watch model. See

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Finally, I hope the article is right as i have heard it before. I also want to see at least a 14 days sensor life to be competitive the Libre. That is a big issue since you can’t restart G7 sensors like the G6.
BTW your link is incorrect.

Have the G7 and an Apple Watch. To link the phone to Apple Watch physically, wrap the watch around the iPhone for Dexcom G7 numbers to display on the watch.

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Sheryl are you saying the Apple Watch will not display your dexcom numbers unless you physically wrap the watch around your iPhone?

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Yes, that’s exactly it. Do it every so often but I find the G7 so insanely accurate it’s craziness. Driving me batty! It also says ‘Calibration not available for 30 minutes.’ It’s been saying that for 12 hrs!
I called Dexcom and they’re replacing it but I am going to go back to the G6 when I get back to Canada.
With the G7 here (am in California right now) I can only get American numbers - Canadian blood sugar numbers are in mmols - have to look up a translation on a chart I found.
My oh my…

Could not get Jupiter to align with March this way and had to return watch. You must have to show up at store prepared to buy both new and have them install and “wrap”.

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