Dexcom G7 Trial offer

Just saw an add on Facebook from Dexcom.
They were offering a free trial of the G7 CGM. I read thru the whole thing and decided I’d like to try it due to all the negative responses on Facebook. I went back and started to fill out the form. 1st question was what insurance do you have. I chose Medicare, and got an instant response. That they could not send a trail senor on Medicare or Medicaid,
So I guess I’ll stay with the G6 until they don’t make them anymore

My Endo has samples of G7 given him by the DexCom rep. He said that if I have a smartphone, I could use it as the receiver to give the G7 a test drive. My Endo gives me something almost every visit, either an insulin pen as a backup if my pump fails, or a sample vial of Lumjev, etc. You might want to ask your doc if he’s got some freebies. He might even have a 2024 calendar some rep left him!

I didn’t qualify for the free trail because I already use Dexcom G6. They apparently want new users.
I’ve never been given a free sample by any of my several endocrinologists over the many many years…sigh. On the bright side, once I got several tiny containers of retinol from a dermatologist and the dentist almost always gives me a toothbrush!

I’d rather have a calendar. I use a power toothbrush, so I end up using those that the dentist gives me to clean my tools.