Dexcom has saved me from 3 bad lows in less than 30 hours

Yesterday while being very active (yard work), I got low, ate carbs, waited a bit to resume my work, and then got low a second time (didn’t expect that second one, due to having eating a good deal of carbs, and not much IOB remaining) about an hour later. Both times, the Dexcom alerted me in time to avert punishing, awful lows.

Today, again, doing yard work, I got an early warning from the Dexcom, so I came inside and had carbs.

Kudos to Dexcom for making an accurate, heath-improving device. I should have gotten one long ago!!


Got woken up at a bit after 4 this morning with a low. Was able to quickly correct and head back to sleep. This thing should be required equipment for all diabetics.


I always make sure I eat something with fat in it when I consume carbs to raise a low. Even a tablespoon of cottage cheese, a bit of cream cheese, or a teaspoon of peanut butter will slow down digestion of the carbs and sustain blood glucose levels to keep from dropping again later.

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