Wearing Dexcom G5 is responsible for dropping my A1c to 5.7

In just 6 weeks I went from many-years A1c of 6.1, down to 5.7. Happy dance!


Great job !!

I dropped to 7s with the old MM Sof-sensor, then to 6s with dexcom7. It’s been a game changer for me.

With Dexcom G4, and more attention to carb choices, I am usually under 6.

I’m sure your next A1C will be even lower, reflecting more time in lower BG levels.


Great work, @Dave44!

But of course it’s not just “wearing Dexcom” that dropped your A1c. What changes did you make based on the information the Dexcom gave you? Did you reduce or eliminate certain foods? Did you alter your prebolus time, or use extended boluses or multiple injections for certain types of meals? Did you intervene sooner to prevent highs and lows outside of your target range? What other tactics did you employ to bring down your A1c?

Actually it was because I’m wearing the Dexcom. More real-time data has allowed me to maintain my blood sugar in the normal range more of the time. I didn’t do the things that you presumed

But you must have done something. The data on its own doesn’t change your blood sugar. What did you do “to maintain [your] blood sugar in the normal range more of the time”?

The obvious such as small boluses if I’m creeping up or eating some carbs if I’m dropping down. Same thing as when using a meter except I can’t check my blood sugar hundreds of times per day with finger stick. In other words I get early warnings in either direction and that’s why my blood sugar can stay in a more normal range.

isn’t it amazing what knowledge can do for you?! Testing with a meter is great but with those lovely arrows, I have learned that micro dosing is a great way to try and stay in target. Who would have thought back in the 70’s or 80’s we could have been dosing .5 of a unit to bring down a “high” of 160. Such great progress isn’t it?


Hi I have gone onto a freestyle libre this is great attaches the under part of your arm, the size is two 20cents together, and it is there for 14 days, and the measurement are as many as you want. I feel I have ether control than ever, Great. Been type 1 for 68 years, this device is great.