New Dexcom update Yuk! Now you have to

Be careful of the new Dexcom update. It’s annoying.

First, I have an iphone 13 which is not compatible with the Dexcom aps. While it works 75% of the time, I don’t always get alerts. That’s annoying but I can live wth it. But Dexcom came out with a new update and I was hoping it would solve some of the issues. Nope, or at least I don’t think so. It seems to just have added to the issues.

Supposedly it’s going to alert me whether I like it or not, whether it’s muted or not, to a lost signal. Well that will be annoying because that’s one thing that happens now with using an iphone 13. It always loses it’s signal, that never happened with past iphones for me. I really hope it doesn’t start waking me up.

That little banner that comes up? Well it used to come up and then go away if you were in another ap on my iphone. Now, it freezes whatever I am doing and I have to hit the banner which took me to the Dexcom ap and acknowledge the low or high. I used to ignore it purposely before, either because I was busy, like writing an e-mail or playing a game or even just to have it beep in few minutes before I acknowledged it so I could keep track of what my BG level was doing. Now it says critical and won’t go away with my screen frozen… I have my high set at 130 and that’s not critical, but it is very annoying.

If I have to raise my alert level so it doesn’t interrupt what I am doing or turn off the notifications. it certainly is not an improvement. I have now turned off the notifications this evening, But it means I am having to go looking for my BG level now instead of it being flashed at me…

And not looking forward to it possibly awakening me because of a lost signal.

Dexcom is certainly behind on keeping up to date. They have really lagged the last couple of years. When I talked to Dexcom they said they are flooded with trying to keep up.with all the phones. That doesn’t make sense as Apple iphones are the most popular phone and the US is their biggest customer…I feel like we are taking a back burner to the G7 development or even more than that, they have come out with a trimmed down version for the UK and focused on that.

What were they thinking or is it just this screwy because my IOS isn’t on their compatibility list? Any ideas anyone?


I find all of the constant alerts really annoying to the point that I just turned off the app on my phone at one point for a long time and I use my receiver as well still. I have an older phone iPhone 8 plus. And I can tell you it constantly loses contact so does my receiver lol and the alert sounds are so freaking annoying- the worst one is the 55 that you can’t shut off… that one just stresses me even more during a bad low.

Somehow I had stopped getting so many alerts I thought and then it just started itself up again. I never update the software either ha ha.

That screen freezing nonsense sounds like it would drive me to insanity, I am not sure who on earth would want that- there has gotta be a way to turn it off. I already find it awful that I have to actually go into the app and click OK just shut the stupid alarm off. And it never wakes me up if I’m low when I’m sleeping.


One thing I’ve learned with the Dexcom app over the years - as long as it’s currently working, never upgrade! :joy:


I saw my NP today at endo office and complained about the “you had a high BG entry 7.3 hours ago. Check your BG.” alert coming at 6 am 4x in the past month. She raised my high BG alert to 250. Her reason: she wants me to have an alert on in case a tube disconnects or for some other reason the insulin gets interrupted during my sleep. Since I am alone, it made sense to me. I am now getting those in the daytime too. They seem new to me. NP agreed with me that the Dex/cgm has more alarms than even the medtronic one now. Not that I can do anything about it for the next 4.5 years as a Medicare person. Oh, and each time I was awakened at 6ish, my BG had been flatlined in normal range while I had been sleeping.

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@Blueburd If you are using your phone you can have a different nighttime high versus the day. And you can choose the times to set those alerts. But the reader is just limited to one high or one low alert.

I turned off the notifications and I still ended up getting a banner that wouldn’t go away when I was on a game ap. So now I turned off the critical alerts which the ap is having fits at. You can still go to the ap and it will flash your BG level really quick and then goes to action required open phone settings and allow critical alerts.

Mine just required me to authorize critical alerts on my phone for some reason to continue using the phone app, so they tricked me into something, now the fricking thing is alerting me with a horrible loud beep / trill on my watch. I hope I can shut it off.

These people never learn- they make a system that drives your Batshit crazy when you’re awake and embarrasses you everywhere and which also doesn’t wake you up when you really might need it to.

I also noticed on my new T slim they sent me the menu is quite different and it’s making it very confusing 50 million blue arrows all over the place. I don’t even know what I’m doing now- they should just leave everything the way it is but each time it gets more and more confusing, I’m so sick of having to relearn everything again and worry about making mistakes.

And yet in about 10 years they still have not fixed the crazy load cartridge menu. In addition they went backwards by requiring you to take the air out of the cartridge yourself instead of letting the pump do it which it did a perfectly good job of- all because a bunch of idiots complained.

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That happened to me too earlier yesterday without me even doing anything, so I allowed it and then all of a sudden it’s beeping me on my I watch really loudly. I didn’t even know what it was at first I have not had it freeze the screen yet or anything like that. I’m gonna have to really consider just not using my phone app at all if that happens.


I forgot to mention that even if you don’t update- I didn’t as far as I know- I don’t think I did it automatically because I don’t let anything update automatically except the operating system on my phone sometimes- it is going to force you to set the critical alerts to on to even use the app.

all of a sudden yesterday I got a message about that. I don’t know what’s going on now I’m not getting any banners or anything like you mentioned so maybe what happened to me or some thing altogether different.

The thing that seems to be new is that it’s now alerting me on my watch as well which has never happened before so I don’t know what’s going on. And if I close the app overnight it keeps beeping me that the app is closed- lol I mean this is just ridiculous!


As a T:slim user, I have all alerts in the phone G6 app turned off except for the Below 55 alarm that can’t be silenced. I have my other alerts on my pump. I did have to allow critical alerts on the iPhone but other than that I have had no negative experiences from the latest update.

But I definitely agree that the stress from D-device alerts that can’t be turned off is real. My biggest issue is that I often have false lows the first day of a Dexcom sensor. I can turn off my phone to take a break but I can’t turn off my pump.

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@Laddie I guess I could turn off the alerts like you. But I did like having them set so I have advance warning of going low or high. But now I have just turned off critical alerts, notifications altogether. I know anyways when I get really low. It will flash my BG level when I go to the ap before it goes to "action required’.

I had my low set at 80, I don’t mind being at 80… it just allowed me to keep track of what I am doing. But it now considers every high or low a critical alert that you have to go to the Dexcom ap to get rid of the banner. I tried turning off the notifications… but it still does the same thing. Sometimes I can still use the 2/3rds of screen that is showing and sometimes it is frozen from doing anything… But all with the stupid banner sitting there.

I much preferred the beep and the banner flash that went away. So now I am just turning off the critical alerts and all notifications during the day so it doesn’t interrupt me, when I use my phone for gee phone stuff.

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I don’t have a clue what is going on with you. I am not experiencing any of that. But as I said above, I only use my tandem pump for notifications and have everything turned off on my phone.

Good luck figuring out something you can live with.

Funny how we use phones now for everything except talking.


Me, too, and the home screen widget on my phone mirrors the watch face so I have to open the app to see the actual status since the watch doodad doesn’t update without being tapped once or twice or three times.


I use a Fitbit watch with xDrip, and just need to flick my wrist, to see current BG, and cgm graph. Occasionally need to hit refresh on watch face to get update.

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Before I buy a new phone I make sure it’s on the Dexcom compatible list. Dexcom Products & G6 Compatibility with Smartphone Devices | Dexcom It takes a while for Dexcom to confirm that their software is compatible with a new device as it could be a matter of life or death for some people. I believe one of the reasons they do this is the new device needs to be tested as per the FDA to make sure it works properly with device and software updates.

If you have an Android device like me you can use X-drip on your phone if Dexcom hasn’t had a chance to provide software for your device as X-drip is open source designed by diabetics and is not beholden to the FDA. With the I-phone I believe the new software needs to be approved by Apple and the FDA before roll out, and I think Dexcom has to pay Apple to use their software on their platform.

Same here. No alerts on phone and no problems with update.

@dannonebr I think in my case for me the phone was more important. I still am hypo aware. My iphone 8’s button was going so I needed a new phone and wanted the higher 1T storage on the 13 pro max. The iphone 13 pro max is inherently different than the iphone 13, for one because of the camera and a few other things. That might be fouling it up more. Dexcom has been slower to keep up with the updates the last couple of years. They said tech is flooded with trying to keep up with all the phones. But Apple has always released a new phone each year and in years past a lot more updates. Before they used to catch up after a few months with any new updates on the iphones. Iphone is their biggest customer and the US is their biggest customer. I have a strong feeling that’s because currently they are focused on the release of the Dexcom One in the UK and Europe to compete with the Libre more. Plus the eventual up and coming G7 here. So they haven’t put as much effort the last couple of years in keeping current on the G6 ap.

Lol. I turned off the banner alerts, so at least I was getting a buzz when I go out of range. I just am not getting the banner that said what I am at and have to look. However just now on my home screen a banner just came up with my BG level and it stayed there. Yet on my Dexcom screen I have a big red banner saying notifications are turned off. The only thing turned off is the banners. It’s screwy!

That’s wqhy I am not gonna use my phone - ever. My Tandem X2, with BIQ (CIQ target is too high, and I use temp basal option fairly often) works very well as my receiver. And having to grab my pump is no big deal, it was more effort dealing with injections and meter. Granted my aversion to all the phone apps is that I want to carry the minimum number of devices - in fact it was the necessary PDA that turned me off Omnipod. Maybe it’s cuz when I was working I was on call at all hours of the night and day. When mobile phones became consumer goods - I was already over it!. Yes, I do have a smart phone and I use it for texts, GPS etc. But I go for a minimum of necessary gear. And all the phone-CGM communication issues I read about tell me that I am making the right decision for me.


This has turned into a nightmare for me! Since this update was forced upon me, my iwatch is constantly beeping loudly for every alert- I don’t know what is going on here?

This all started when it forced me to turn on critical alerts to use the app, which I guess is new in order to use the app. Before that the only notice I got on my watch was silent and I could just look at the blood sugar if I tapped on it if it was actually communicating with the watch which most of the time it isn’t. But now it is constantly beeping and driving me bat ■■■■ crazy.

I have set all of the alerts to vibrate on my phone except for the 55, which you can’t, but I changed the sound to ding which is quiet and dropping to 55 soon also has a sound but not awful.

But ALL of the alerts come through as a loud beep on my watch, even the ones that are all set to vibrate- there has got to be a way to stop this and to change that awful beep to the sound I have selected or to vibrate.

Does anybody know how to stop this? Dexcom has gone batshit crazy to do something so stupid and invasive.