Dexcom online reporting rant

Every time I have used the online form to report a sensor failure I have to have a phone conversation with a support person.

I reported one last night and while I was in the middle of a ZOOM session Dexcom called. They also left an email with the following questionnaire.

Thank you for contacting Dexcom Global Technical Support Web Self Service regarding Inaccurate readings on 03/20/2023. Responses may take longer than normal.

We are unable to call you at this time because it is well before our official calling hours. Rest assured that we are working in resolving your concerns at the soonest time possible.

  1. Did the patient experience any symptoms prior to and/or at the time of the event? (example: Nausea, Dizziness) Yes or No
  2. IF YES: Was there any treatment provided to alleviate symptoms prior to and/or at the time of the event? Yes or No
  3. What is the patient’s current condition ( e.g. stable) ?
  4. Did you calibrate the CGM after you noticed the difference?
  5. Did the calibration bring the CGM reading into the expected range?
  6. Prior to the event did any of the following occur that could contribute to a discrepancy between the CGM and BG values?

a. Rubbing/bumping/laying (compression) on transmitter / wearable (G7)

b. Water exposure to the sensor

c. Poor patch adhesion

d. Using multiple BG meters during sensor session

e. Improper CGM sensor / wearable (G7) storage

f. Dialysis

g. Critically ill

h. Expired test strips

i. MRI, CT scan, Diathermy

j. Not Washing hands prior to finger stick

k. Other – Please describe

Once all required information is provided, we will book for a replacement within 24 hours and will be shipped within 3-5 business days. A separate email will be sent for additional information regarding the shipment.

You may visit the Dexcom Help Center to answer your questions regarding your concern:

Is my Dexcom sensor accurate? | Dexcom

If you require immediate assistance, please contact us at 844-607-8398 and provide the case number(s): 230320-007124 or for future reference you can also try other channels by clicking the link below.

I think I will keep that questionnaire and added to the comment section on the online form. Maybe that will be enough, but I doubt it.


The form for overpatches never works. It always tells me to try later or call tech support. You would think it would be a simple thing, to get the forms to work but no…

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I think we all understand your frustration with the Dexcom system of reporting failures or inaccuracies. Although, unlike Laura_S, I have not had any problem ordering overmatches online, I have given up on trying to talk to Dexcom unless I have to totally scrap a sensor or transmitter.

My latest experiences are two-fold. First, either their adhesives or my skin has undergone a change because lately, I cannot get the tape marks off after wearing a sensor for nine days. Anyone have good ideas for an adhesive remover that will not eat sensitive skin?

Note that I said “nine days” because lately I cannot get a full 10 days out of a sensor with any accuracy. My latest problem had me at day nine get a morning alert at 60, then 55, then 45 all within about 5 minutes. I told my husband that something was wonky because I did not feel low at all. I tested my blood and came up with another surprise – a reading of 212! Just think what would have happened had I tried to treat my fictitious 45 low! I have given up even reporting such happenings, and I just set a schedule now to change my sensor every 8-9 days.

Dexcom still probably makes the best CGM on the market, but their customer service has certainly taken a nose dive.


I use 70percent ipa, then shower with a wash cloth, but what works. Best is to put down a iv3000 tape before and poking through it with the applicator, then the adhesive nev
on your skin. The iv3000 glue never stays after I remove it

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I’ve never had a follow-up call from Dexcom when I filled out the online form.

My circumstances may be different than yours. I’m located in the United States. Having a background in tech support I’m proactive in providing more detail than they want. I’m fortunate in that I have more time and words than I have other things to do.

I’ve received 5 replacements within 9 months, reporting the failures after a minimum of 12 hours because none of mine failed to give reading; they just never became steady and accurate.

Their response form to me looks like this:

As soon as I receive that response form I reply to it by inserting a paragraph that has a lot of detail in it about the circumstances and saying that I’ve replaced the sensor. I include a screenshot of the monitoring app I use that clearly shows the deviation and the time of insertion. The combination tells them that I’ve used the product correctly and done basic troubleshooting.

I’ve NEVER had a problem ordering overpatches; they are just sent incredibly slow.

They always preemptively blame slow delivery on the post office, so I started tracking the fullfilment time. (I regularly get mail from the same USPS regional processing center several times a month). On average they were taking 10 days to get their envelopes to the USPS, 4 days to deliver cross-country as first class mail.

The second to last time I ordered them I emailed the tech support address of the failed sensor form asking if the delays were due to a supply shortage, They said they were in the process of creating a “new order processing system”. I replied with a three sentence procedure that told them how to do it with a label printer and pre-stuffed envelopes which would reduce their labor and handling operations by 75%, cut out-the-door time to a day or less.

I’m guessing that they’re not going to do anything comma that there that instead they will wait until the G7 is out, which has over patches prepacked in every carton, and they will use the overpatch delays for the G6 incentivize people to change to the less expensive to manufacture G7

Well, you just described me to a tee. From now on, I will use those questions in my report.