Dexcom Rash: has anyone tried liquid bandage for CGM pad edges?

Hi all,

I’ve been having tons of issues lately with both infusions (unrelated, stuff like leaking) and Cgm sensitivity. I get the Dexcom rash very badly, so much so that I think I’m getting some permanent scars (have had a big red line for over a month now). I’ve been experimenting; for a long time I alcohol swabbed, used generic Flonase spray (x2 spritz, let it dry) and an overpatch and that did the trick, prevented a reaction to the Dexcom pad. But I think my skin can’t take the overpatch anymore, I started reacting to that–maybe since it doesn’t let my skin breathe?

I tried Skintac too (wipe) and thought I was allergic to it, but those trials were at first with an overpatch. Now that I think that might have caused the issues, as I have done another trial with alcohol swabbing followed by Flonase first/then Skintac, and no overpatch, and that has been fine. The edges keep curling up though, only 5 days in and re-applying SkinTac made the adhesive paper stiff and gross. (When reapplying, I wipe the skin under the curled part, and the paper of the adhesive pad as well, with an alcohol swab—with tweasers! I feel like a surgeon, haha!) Today I trimmed off the bad part and reapplied some SkinTac to seal it off, but I suspect I’ll need to apply it again tomorrow. I do think part of the issue was that the curling part was over a slightly creasing area, but I’d still expect it to stay put a bit longer given how vigilant I have been about reapplying SkinTac.

On my next trial, I plan to skip Flonase and just do 2 SkinTac wipe-overs, since I haven’t had a reaction (or much of one) to the SkinTac reapplications. That might help. I also have a bottle of liquid SkinTac and makeup Qtips with pointy ends on the way, to make reapplications easier.

But…I had another idea: do the two SkinTac wipes, and then wipe a rim of liquid bandaid around the edge of the CGM adhesive pad, to glue it down against the skin very securely/waterproof seal it, since waterproofing is what this stuff is supposed to do! I figured that would be a good way for the majority of the skin to be allowed to breathe (through the uncovered CGM adhesive pad and the SkinTac barrier underneath), with only the edges being sealed this way/and also air permeable. Has anyone tried doing this already? If not, I’ll post back once I try it.

Here’s the product I was considering:

The only reason I’m not sure it will work is I don’t know if it will create a seal against the adhesive paper. (It should work well on the skin itself).

Thanks all, here’s hoping this could be a solution! I might try a Libre Freestyle later this year, if I don’t end up trying Omnipod due to my separate infusion issues. (Having a grand ole time over here :melting_face: this is all on top of a bunch of other issues, but figured I’d start by trying to keep my skin, lol!)

When I had sensitive skin, I used:

Smith And Nephew Flexifix Opsite Transparent Adhesive Film Roll 4"X10.9 Yards - Model 66000041

I applied the Opsite film directly to my skin and then shot the sensor right through this adhesive. The Opsite held firmly to my skin without irritation, and the sensor held firmly to the film. This is back in the days of the G5 but should work just as well for the G6/G7

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Thanks but that plastic stuff also makes my skin angry and break out in a rash—doesn’t allow my skin to breathe. (That’s why I’m having trouble with the Dexcom over patches now).

Oh, I am sorry to hear that. I suggested this film because it is a Moisture Vapor Permeable Adhesive Film so I thought it might work. Smith And Nephew may have other films that are even more permeable so may be worth looking at their offerings. I have not used it in a long time, but if you do want to try a few pieces on your skin I could easily send you some of my leftovers. Just send me a pm if that would help.

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Hmm maybe it’ll be worth a go then! It’s quite possible/probable that the Dexcom free patches are not made of the same high grade material. I was also thinking back to a similar material I used to wear over sets and CGMs for showering (I don’t anymore), but it was far cheaper so probably not permeable. I’ll order a roll and see what happens!

Update: Tried it (Opsite)! At first I was pleased, but started having trouble with the edges peeling up on the 4th day, and by day 10 it was hard to keep the Dexcom and Opsite on. Also, man, whatever it is, the Dexcom allergen is so powerful that it’s getting through the Opsite. When I removed the first one on day 10, it left an itchy red patch (a burning rash) right where the sensor was. I didn’t realize this before I put the new one on, so I didn’t try any Flonase. Now it’s day 2, and I’m already itchy. Going to be a long 8 days…when it’s time to change, I’ll try putting down Flonase and then the Opsite. Another idea I have is to try 2 layers of Opsite. Regardless, I’m starting to wonder just what they’re putting in the adhesive that it can get through a barrier like that! Yes, I know it’s permeable, but I still wouldn’t think that many particles could be getting through so quickly. Or maybe I’m just so allergic to it at this point. :melting_face: