Dexcom receiver cannot be charged while connected to the computer via USB?

My Dexcom receiver is running low on charge and I don’t have my wall socket charger with me. I do have the USB cable that comes with the receiver for syncing data with your computer. And it looks like it is good only for syncing data and not for charging the device. What a pity!

Indeed. Something to put on the Dexcom Wish List.

Another surprise that I discovered yesterday - unless the Dexcom receiver is switched on, it cannot be charged at all! How stupid are the engineers at Dexcom? I shutdown my Dexcom and left it on the charger all night. Then, when I took it off the charger and turned it on, it still showed me only one bar of charge remaining (same as when I shut it down and put it on the charger) and, sure enough, a couple of hours later it was out of charge!

Shame, Dexcom, shame!