Help! New Dexcom won't charge

After fighting with my insurance, waiting for months and pacing the house all day. I got my Dexcom this afternoon. I plugged it in to charge it but nothing happens. Tried different outlets, even plugged the usb cable in. The usb cable clicks when you plug it in and the wall charger does not. Both do not plug in all the way. Of the several outlets the last time it showed an empty battery. It has beeped 2 times while being plugged in for almost 6 hours but the charge level hasnt changed. I am so bummed.

I have been reading everything on their site and watching videos for days. What a huge letdown to open the box and finally have it in my hands, look at the paperwork, plug it in and get nothing.

I would appreciate any kind of help or ideas you guys can give before I can get to customer service tomorrow morning. Thanks

did you turn the unit on?? I did shutdown after I turned it on and then I charged it to only get 1 bar. I learned that I was suppose to keep it on while its charging. Plus you need to give it 3 hours to charge :slight_smile:

Yep it was turned on. If I touched the ok button it would show me the wrong time and that I had the transmitter in range. I only left it plugged in for so long to see if it would start to charge.

Try the restart key…there is a (very) small hole on the back. You can stick a paperclip into it to restart the device. It is like a re-boot for a computer. Looking at the decal on the back, the hole is to the left.

When the receiver is first plugged in to the charger you should see a large animated battery. Later on the three segment battery will be animated in the bottom right while it is charging. It will not charge from a USB port. Hopefully your problem is just the charger but in either case you will need to call support.

I had the same problem. Beeped two times then nothing, would not charge would not turn on.

I looked in the manuals and found nothing. Called customer care and they told me (like KevinMR) to push the reset button with a paper clip.

I let them know they should put that in the manual.

I tried restarting it this afternoon and nothing. Tech support thinks its the power cord. They sent one over night so I should have it fri and I get to try again.

Well I can see that this is not a new problem. I am on my 3rd receiver since I started with the Dexcom. The first one went out and would not come back or charge they sent me a new one. It worked for almost 6 month when I changed the transmitter the receiver would not turn on or charge. They sent me a new one
it has been on 2 separate chargers and plugged into the Computer USB with the same response I have tried the reboot still not charging. Now thats 2 bad chargers and 3 bad cables, I never had any problems with my mini Med CGM. it’s to early to contact the support line it’s only 5:30AM.

Dexcom Technical support is 24x7.

You can call them now.



JT - BTW - Do you also use the Dexcom app on an Android or Apple smartphone?

Not to imply that your Dexcom receiver should not be functional (and replaced if necessary) but the Dexcom app on the Smartphone is both a nice backup as well it has a couple features available to it which are not even possible from the Dexcom receiver.


Thanks for your replay. I do not do anything Apple except the red ones you can eat!
I think Apple is like Amazon to greedy and I am way behind the times as my phone is
a tract phone and the Android app does not work with my phone. I just moved from
a huge desk top computer to a laptop got a super deal so I need to move up to a better phone….

Thanks for your time here around work there isn’t anyone that understands or cares to hear about
the costs or problems. Have a super day OH YA I contacted support and they are going to send me my
4th receiver tomorrow or Thursday.


JT - I understand the feeling about Apple. The products are definitely overpriced. On the other hand - they are nice products.

So one suggestion if you could bear the thought of a non-edible Apple in the house. I have frequently seen Apple iPod 5 Touch for sale on eBay for like $100 (used) or so. Dexcom has the Apple iPods listed as compatible (iPod touch 5th Gen, iPod touch 6th Gen) devices for its app. You could run the Dexcom app from the iPod and it would have full upload (Share,Follow,Clarity) functionality when you are within a WiFi hotspot but obviously not from a cell tower.

This is pretty reasonable to purchase with no monthly recurring charges.


Thanks that is something to think about $100 is defiantly doable I may look in to that good heads up
Enjoy the day