Dexcom receiver options

I am on a medtronic 630g with the enlite sensor. I find the cgm on the medtronic pump expensive and you don’t really know where your sugar is headed. It will only warn you 20 or 30 minutes before a high or low and then it doesn’t even rise or fall to the point that it says. I am thinking of going back on the dexcom. I was on it before but I some how misplaced the receiver. My question is, is there another form other than my cellphone to get the information that is cheaper I used my cell before but you need wifi wherever you go and it eats up battery life. The receiver is about 600$ in Ontario.

Right now I see a new G5 touch receiver for 200 US dollars and used G4 receiver for 100 on ebay. (just search “dexcom” there)

Does the dexcom g5 reciever have a setting in it to change your blood measurement. In Canada it is in mmol’s. If I bought a reciever in the U.S. would I still be able to use it?

Oh, I forgot about the difference in reading units. I don’t know if they have this option, I doubt it. There are also for Canada, for UK and for Germany. They would probably have receivers with mmol’s readings, check with the seller before buying.

As far as I am aware, there is no need for wi fi whatsoever. Bluetooth - Yes, but that has nearly no battery drain.