Dexcom restarts beyond 8G?

Curious whether anyone has been able to restart a sensor with a transmitter in the 8H, 8I, 8J series or later?

If they’ve finally closed off all the hacks, it will suggest to me to keep restarting my current sensor(s) with my one 8G as long as possible to build up my backup supply.


Several of us here have been successful with 8H, including myself. I’ve not heard about restart attempts with 8Js yet, though I have seen them in rotation already. I suspect that 8i was skipped, probably because i looks like 1.

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I have an 81/8I. I always thought it was 81. I am going to try and restart when the time comes. It is only about a month old so I have some time on this transmitter, but I have been able to restart sensors. There have been a few bumps, but I think only one did not restart for me.

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What does that mean? They can do or they cannot do?

I had heard from someone who couldn’t restart her 8H and she said the design itself looked different - with a ridge. So I was worried they had done something to stop our ability to restart.

I have an 81 transmitter and am able to restart sensors following the procedures outlined in this video. Please note that I have a Tandem pump so I have included it in the instructions.

Stop Sensor on Phone. Stop sensor on Tandem pump. If sensor session has already ended, that is OK.

Using a guitar pick (I wasn’t successful using a Contour test strip because it kept bending), slide from the fat end of the transmitter until you hear the sensor clip unlatching and lift up the transmitter. Do on both sides.

Wait 30 minutes with the transmitter out of the sensor.

On phone, provide the code (take photo) and then Start Sensor.

Don’t start on pump. It will catch up and join the session.


I have restarted almost all of my sensors on my 8H transmitter so far.
My next transmitter is also an 8H, so I will be on this for a while!