Can Dexcom G6 81D, 81G, 81M have batteries changed & reset?

Basically title…I have an option of getting these 3 transmitters and would like to know if I can do a battery swap in them or they are blocked from having that done & resetting via xDrip?

I was under the impression that any 81XXXX or 80XXXX transmitters could be reset with battery replacements, but now I am being told by others that this is not the case, and that early transmitters from Canada for example (81L) cannot be reset at all. What’s the right answer to all of this?

Which letters and numbers can have the batteries replaced & still work with reset in native mode to be used with a pump?

For US, one thing we learned for sensor restarts, was that the software version loaded on transmitter determined whether a restart could be done without removing sensor. So similar may be true for transmitter reset. I have reset 80 and 81 transmitter days, but none since then.

In previous post I noted which 81 software version worked for me, when others were reporting that their 81 was not. (For sensor restarts).

Check this thread.

As for resets, my own experience is that it no longer worked after 81xx, but possible some later 81s with later SW version may not.