Dexcom rubber cover?

My serial number/label on the back of my Dexcom has LONG since disappeared through wear, but I was wondering where I could get a rubber "cover" for the Dexcom to protect it a bit, keep it from sliding off my nightstand as it beeps away in the night, etc.

(example: from Kerri at - I emailed her asking where she got hers, but haven't heard back yet.)

I searched online everywhere, but couldn't find it on the Dexcom site or other diabetes supplies sites either.

Dexcom used to have an online store that you could buy them but they took the store down about the time I got mine in April. Someone I know did call them & they still sell them. I would call Dexcom.

I received my dexcom starter kit 2 weeks ago and the box came with a grey rubber cover and another cover with a belt clip. I would not be surprised if you called dexcom asking for a cover and they send you one. Worth a shot !

(See attached pic)

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Yep - we just called and got ours, and paid something like $12 for it maybe. Then when it started to fall apart I called them again and got the replacement for free!

We definitely like having it.

Just called Dexcom - the online store is still down, but yes - they will ship me one. Cost = $10 and $5 shipping, total $15. Worth it? Guess we'll see :)

I received a skin with my new Seven Plus that I got in Oct/Nov. I didn't get one with my original Seven Plus that I got in Aug 2009.

I like it, except I do get a build up of static electricity from taking it out and putting it in my pocket which causes the receiver to restart. Dexcom tech support says it doesn't harm the receiver or the data.

I just called and got a package of them for $33 this price includes shipping. They are clear(which is kind of whiteish), pink, blue and gray. I figured if I am going to get 1 for $15 I might as well get 4 for $33. Now I have choices as well as replacements.

Nice! Of course the sales person I got on the phone didn't even offer up the option of a set for $33 - I would have ordered that instead!! :-/


I'm not sure what the purpose of the cover is but I sleep with the Dex in my pajama pocket. The rubber "skin" keeps it from slipping out (more friction). I don't know if it protects it in a fall. Just curious what else it is good for.


I got a free skin with a replacement unit when my 2nd one failed. The serial #s were worn off and the skin helps prevent that. It also keeps it from slipping out of my pocket.