Link to buy Dexcom skins?

Hi Everyone-- I’m sure if I search through all past threads I might find this, but a quick “search this group” didn’t turn up what I was looking for… Does anyone have the link to where I can buy the dexcom rubbery skins? The one that came with it is falling apart and I’ve heard of people buying 4-packs, but I can’t seem to find them on the dexcom website. I’m sure I’m totally out of it, but maybe one of you lovely people could provide me with the link to buy! THANK YOU!

Sophie, I think you have to call them. I do know that many people called and said the one that came with their Dex was falling apart and were offered a new one free in their choice of colors. It doesn’t hurt to make the call.

I just found one in my drawer. Never used it. What is your adrress and I will send it to you? What do you use it for?

Rebecca’s correct. Give them a call.

Rebecca and Colleen: Thanks! You were right, I gave them a call and they are replacing the one that came with the device for free. For anyone in the future–one should talk to Tech Support for this. If one wants to purchase a 4 pack with all the colors (pink, blue, gray, black) one should contact customer service.

Lisa: thanks for the offer! But since I’m getting a replacement for free, I’m all set. I like using the skin because I usually keep the receiver in a pocket in my cardigan and it stays in place and doesn’t fall out when I use the skin.

I found out that if you can wait until your next shipment they will ship it for free with the next order. Otherwise, if you want it now it’s $5 for ground shipment and more for overnight (which is their default). Make sure you ask!!!

Call customer service to buy them. They are 10.00 each or 4 for 20.00. They come in black, grey, blue and pink.

Is that supposto come with your new system? I didn’t even know they had skins