I have not had my Dex for real long, and My case is already looking like it is on its last leg. I tried to order a new case on the DEXCOM website, but could not find the option? For those of you that wear it on your waistband have you found another case for it? Or has anyone had to order a new case?

I called the main dexcom number, and was able to order new leather cases for your belt and rubber cases in a variety of colors. They were $10 each, and you pay $5 shipping for the whole order, so better to order in quantity.

Jack's mom is all over it, you can call Dexcom for sport cases or standard cases.

I have worn through several of both types. Being active, it is hard on the cases.

I am having prototypes made of water resistant, tough protective sport cases for Dexcom that I am going to produce for the Modern Diabetic. When I get a final design, I will post here to Tu Diabetes, what I am thinking is give out a bunch of free samples for people to try to get the word out as well as provide feedback on the design.

Hopefully I don't get smacked for a small bit of self promotion, but this is something that helps active diabetics a lot. That is not a bad thing...

Thanks for the tip Jacks Mom!

Chris I would be all over a new design!

My issue with the Dexcom cases is that they fall off if I clip them to my jeans - if I'm getting in/out of the car or whatever. There is a case made for the Verizon LG Chocolate (phone) that fits it perfectly, round hole and all. Sorry I don't have time to search for it right now.

Chris, can't wait to see what you come up with - hope it's a super clip though!

I have been using a cell phone case for mine. It work great. Just go to a place that sells them and try them to see which one fits best. As far as jrtpup's comment the phone cases have a loop to put you belt thru. i've left mine at a restaurant once because it was just hooked on to my belt.

Yes, would love to see a new design. I got a little frustrated at the new leather cases. The way the Dexcom is mounted it puts the receiver in upside down. It only allows you to see the BG the right way up if you are looking down on it. However, if you have a 1-2-3 year old wearing it, the parent has to look at it at kid level and it's now always upside down. I hate now that I have to chase a squirmy always running toddler AND try to decipher what the number is upside down. I told Dexcom that it wasn't the kid friendliest design and the tech said all snarky that they thought it was great. Anyway, I would love to see another design - especially waterproof - since I am always trying to avoid some random toddler crazy spill on the receiver. Plus if you are designing a belt loop - it doesn't have to rotate - but it would be great to have the option of how the belt loop is mounted. And some great colors would be awesome too!

I use a spibelt for my Dex. Works great.

Also lots of people (me included) never used the clunky clip-on case Dex sent. I gave mine away to someone on Maybe someone else will send you their unused case. Good luck to you.

Ellie in TX should be correct address for Facebook Dexcom page. :)


That spibelt website doesn't really show what they look like when worn. Can I assume they are less conspicuous than the standard "fanny pack"?

O yes. is a link to some images.

It is very small. Just perfect for my Dexie. Fits under my clothes and is great to sleep in.


I was thinking a belt loop - will that work for you?


Jack's mom,

Initially my own frustrations with this match a lot of users - i.e. having it fall off the belt a lot for various reasons, not being very durbable, etc. I thought later of other uses including kids where water resistance and durability would also be a factor especially for parents. Once I test out some of the intial designs, I would love to send you one of the prototypes and get your feeedback.

Colors should not be an issue, I have to figure that part out when I hit production I guess. But glad to know I am on the right track.


Chris... no, I'm difficult, I hardly ever wear belts. I like something that will clip onto my jeans/shorts/whatever waistband and stay there. The only way I can get the dex case to stay is by clipping it to my belt loop, then it hangs kinda funny. My Ping stays on my waistband. The LG Chocolate case I got stays on my waistband. Go figure!

Would love love love that, thanks. And yes, you are on the right track since there is only one case that is provided by Dexcom. FYI Jack has been wearing the Dexcom since he was 18 months old and he just turned three.

Sign me up as a beta tester! I’d love to find something better than the current case.

On another note, I hope you’re not sinking too much effort/money into this venture. Isn’t the new receiver supposed to be out soon?

Best of luck,


Sleeping. Never thought of that one. I usually just lay it on the dresser next to my bed and live with the missed readings through the night as I toss and turn. I was just going to wait it out until the next gen system with the 30 ft range comes along.


Hello ARTannals,

Supposedly, but things seem to move slow in the Dex/Animas world it seems. No worries though for sewn things there is not a lot of up front tooling costs so it will be easy to change the pattern if need be.

This case, and one that will fit all brands of current pumps, are things I wanted to get up on the website as they solve a problem for a bunch of us, and gets my name out there.

The better ones are taking a bit longer as I just patented one and am working on patenting another. I and guarantee everyone will really dig the second one.

too bad there are not 36 hours in a day...

Looking forward to it. Good on you Chris!