Sensor failed on cgm

I’ve noticed that the questions on cgm sensor failures are from quite a while ago. Does that mean things have improved? I am brand new to this and had a “sensor failure” with my first insertion done by the diabetes educator. Animas replaced this sensor but have tried with 2 more sensors with the same “sensor failure” before the 2 hour wait time is up. Any possible ideas of what to try? Rebooting doesn’t help. I presume it only can be a sensor problem rather than with the transmitter or receiver.

It would help us to understand what CGM you use. Is it a Dexcom or Medtronic system? I don’t think Animas makes a CGM or sensor.

Added: Now I’m thinking you may be using an Animas Vibe pump with an integrated Dexcom G4 CGM. Is that right?

I am using the dexcom G4 stand alone (with the Animas Ping pump).

Ive also had that same type of error a couple of times, I´m also relatively new to Dexcom so Im still learning. Found some great info in the forum

Might want to take a look here

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I have been using the G4 (and now G5 with the same sensors) since 2012. In all that time I have only had 1 sensor failure before the 2-hr wait time and that was because I inserted it wrong. I always have to remember to keep my fingers “above the collar” when inserting and then put them below the collar to pull it up after insertion. It is easy to put your fingers below the collar and seemingly the sensor inserts correctly. But actually the sensor wire inserts and you pull it back out.

I have a hard time thinking that your trainer would have done it incorrectly and am not necessarily implying that you did. Possibly you have a bad batch of sensors but I don’t think I have ever heard of someone who got a whole box that wouldn’t initialize. But once again that doesn’t mean others haven’t had the same problem.

Good luck.

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Here is the response on the Dexcom website.

Sensor Failed

I have used G4 sensors since they came out, and have never had this message.
Sounds like a bad batch, or possible shipment that was in too hot or too cold environment for too long.
Call Dexcom support, they should replace them.

I currently use Dexcom and have used Minimed as well. In the last three years, I think I have had maybe tow failures with insertion. I find Dexcom to be a very reliable sensor. I suggest looking at these two videos for insertion of the Dexcom sensor.

Diabetic Danica taught me how to insert my sensor.

I have only had one sensor failure and that I attribute to operator error. Dexcom quickly replaced that sensor. As I carefully read the instructions it become clear to me that you need to do the insertion quickly and fully. There are two clicks that they tell you to observe. If you slowly insert that can fail to properly get the sensor into your body and then if you don’t fully depress the plunger you can then actually pull out the partially inserted sensor.

Do make sure you quickly and fully depress the plunger when you do a sensor insertion.

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Yes, I’ve looked at these a few times. I just wish there was a way of knowing if there is something wrong or if it is an insertion error.

You could make a video of yourself inserting a sensor, post it to YouTube, then post a link to it here. We can watch your technique and note if we see anything you should be doing differently.

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what a great idea! I’d love to see a video of a TuD member doing a sensor insertion

she taught me too, plus @Mila2 helped me with some intense training :slight_smile:

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