Dexcom Sensor Sites?

I’ve been reading other CGMS users (Minimed and Navigator) on a Yahoo CGMS board talking about inserting their sensor on leg, arms, upper buttocks, etc. So far I’ve only used abdomen (even going as high as 2 inches below my boobs but above belly button) and also used the area below my belly button/below waistband.

I was curious where other Dexcom 7+ users inserted their sensors? Have you been successful with your legs, arms or upper buttocks (bum)? (and sorry, I really don’t know the nice way to say buttocks or bum, so please forgive me)

With how big the transmitters are on Minimed and Navigator, I was amazed that those users had good luck with their legs. I could see putting a Dexcom sensor on a leg but I’ve been too afraid to try it out.

Is there a spot that a sensor just hasn’t worked so well for you?

tudiabetes may already have lots of posts on this topic, but “hidden” were you can’t find it. Lots of slimmer women and kids find that upper butt cheek is by far the best place-- there just isn’t enough, ahem, FLAB elsewhere. For many other adults, “love handles” work best-- straight down from armpit, either side, just above the beltline (but BELOW ribs).

Those are the only two areas (4, actually) that I use. Frontal abs always gave me less accuracy and shorter Sensor lifespan. Some people like upper arms, too, but I have no experience there. So, I’ll leave it to an actual arm user to describe exactly where they’re punching it in, and how well it works.

Thanks Rick!

I’ve been kinda slow on learning the tudiabetes website features. I’ll have to do a search to find if anyone has used their legs like the MM & Navigator users.

Our Minimed trainer had the MM sensor on her thigh when giving us sensor training (ouch!). If you can put a MM sensor on the thigh, then you should be able to put the Dexcom sensor there. Upper tush area and upper arm (toward the side/back) are where we have placed sensors.

DexCom sensors work fine on the outer thigh. They don’t hurt at all and the readings are just fine there. Of course I have alot of flesh there so I imagine it wouldn’t work as well on a super skinny person.