Dexcom seven placement

Hello everyone,
I get my new dexcom seven tomorrow
The question is about sensor placement, I’m 6’ tall and weight 155lbs almost no body fat I also have ascites do to liver disease… Any help would be great.

I put mine on my arm this last time I put a new sensor in. Today is the start of week 2 on the sensor and it has been pretty accurate.

I been using it on my arm some due to having a pump now and ive noticed it was a bit more accurate then my arm but im also smeall im around 5 11 most im sure have fat on the back area where the hip starts to curve in the back

I was pretty leery about putting on my upper arm, since I don’t exactly have much extra fat there, but it has been GREAT. I have found the further towards the back of my arm the better (you will need a friend/wife to do this though).

The other area I’ve used is the love handle area, but really like the arm.

JIMMER, I think Gary has offered “double the fun” of the other posts by recommending TWO good places for you to try: The thickest part of your tricep (upper arm, either one), and your love handles on either side: slightly to the front, above the belt line, but well BELOW your lowest rib.

With Ascites, I’d try the arms first. But don’t discount the love handles; those areas along the lateral edges of your torso might work pretty well, too. (YMMV, of course. I’m T1 and quite a bit older than you, so my own experience might not be that relevant. But for me, Dexcom’s “per-approved-labeling” frontal abdomen locations were much less reliable, and much slower to respond to bG changes.)

I wear mine exclusively on the side of my butt cheek.

For those who wear on back of arms, what about sleeping on your back? Does pressure on sensor give you wonky readings?