Seriously, who can implant a Dexcom Sensor on thair back haunch by themselves?

Tell me the secret, I had to have a colleague do it today? Has anyone mastered the art somewhere on the backside rather than the belly?

You had a colleague put a Dexcom sensor on your back haunch? Seriously? I know a lot of people put them on their upper arms. I had my hubby put one on my arm once, but now mostly put them on my stomach.

I had good success putting in on my chest, a couple of inches from my armpit.

I started G4 4 weeks ago and have also been trying to figure this out. Didn't find any advice in the Dexcom group. Hope you (and I) get some help here with this.

on your chest? do you have enough fat there....?

i can't put it on my back - hips, butt area by myself either. i did it on my arm, by myself, but almost didn't get it on right...seems one definitely needs two hands to do this.

I don't have much fat there. All I know is it is comfortable, and gives good accuracy.

I just started a pump holiday so I am back to shots. Type 1 for 26 years, diagnosed at age 10.

Your post made me chuckle because I attempted to give myself a shot in my rump last night and was unable to do so. 12 years ago when I started pump therapy I was able to do this quite easily.

I am assuming one of either two causes:

1). my butt has moved farther away
2). You have to be pretty darn flexible to do this

The fact that a coworker helped you is pretty awesome!

I love it on my butt. I just twist around, grab some fat, and pop it on. Great readings and it is out of the way. I also love my pump (Omnipod) on my boob! No one can tell and it is protected. I wouldn't have it there for a date, though!

I live in Eugene and sometimes attend the Type 1 Supper Club in Tigard which occurs once a month. I'd show you how to do it, but maybe it would be easier to make a video....not showing too much of course :-p

I only wear my G4 on my upper butt as I get the best readings and I always get 2 weeks out of it! It is a bit of a stretch, but worth it!

Thanks for the LOL.
I agree, kudos to that co-worker.

how do you know if you can extend the 7 days sensor with the G4? looking to save some money. also what about the transmitter?

You don’t have to do anything special to the sensor. To get another week, just leave it in place when the week ends. Then stop the sensor and start it again. After two hours, you are ready for the two calibration checks again.

The main limitation on sensors is that the site can start getting irritated or infected if you go for three or four weeks. The adhesive normally only lasts about a week, but you can supplement that with medical tape such as Opsite Flexifix.

I don’t know of anyway to extend transmitter life.

thanks Eb, looks like I may not be able to get one however, my insurance is saying they don't pay for sensors. sigh

I am going to be honest as a biomedical engineer, the G4 is only approved for 7 days, but the longer it sits in the interstitial fluid of your system the more accurate and well adjusted it becomes - better readings better sensitivity. I have found it last up to 21 days. So I basically wear mine until it fails with an error. Its usually the 3 week mark. The reps and clinicians are not allowed to say this although its in the under the table conversation as FDA has only given 7 days approval. Save money use it until it dies! Just calibrate and know that any reading supposedly also needs to be verified by a BGM before treatment - another FDA caveat - the CGM can't be used for sole diagnosis and must be verified with a BGM.

I've placed a few between my arm pit and upper breast that seem to work out pretty good.

I'm not all that flexible any more, yet I still manage to get four sites for my pump on my right rear end. I think the trick is to start very high (just below where your hip starts flaring out), and as close to your right side as possible. Then move down 2 inches. Then move up two inches and over about 1 1/2 inches.

Not sure how this would work if you don't have much padding, but it works for me, having a more-than-adequate supply, sadly. :(