im wondering what are good areas for me to put my sensors besides my stomach im gonna be getting a pump soon and id rather have that on my stomach then my dexcom but also its like the only area i have fat so where would it be safe for me to put it besides my stomach

i actually wear the dexcom on my “fat” that is around the love handles…b/c i dont have that much fat being a triathlete, and then i wear my pump infusion sets on my butt area, plenty of place to swithch the locations and easy to connect and disconnect when i swim…and have not to much a problem with them back there…have to be a little careful when dis-robing underwear or pants, but…i had heard that having the insulin infusions on my love handles might also increase the size of the love handle, so i save that area for the dexcom…but cannot afford the dexcom so i only wear maybe 3 sensors every 2 months…

I used to only use my abdomen but have recently found love handles and upper butt work well!

where do you put it on your butt??? because i sleep on my back which might be a issue and also when sitting down?

where exactly? ive only used my stomach with my pump before and my dexcom

i usially where mine in the area just below my belt and as far back as i can reach. sort of high but area. I have had good results there.

Have you thought about the backs of your arms or legs? It really doesn’t take much fat for the sensor.

yea im currently still on shots right now and my arms is one of my main areas for them once my pump gets here wont be a issue and my legs last time i used shots there it always liked to bleed and the sensor needle is a bit bigger so im thinking that would be a issue as hell i just wanna find a place where i can lay down or sit without an issue

So should i try my legs mind you its mostly muscle im just curious how bad it would hurt and exactly where i should insert it?

I wear my pump on one side and my Dexcom on the other. After about two weeks, I try to set up changing sides when the Dexcom is at the end of its 7 day run. If you move the pump site every two to three days, you should be able to make this work well.


like my last dexcom site is still puffed up a bit and has some damage it looks that might be another week so if that happens occasionally its gonna give me less area to use so would rather move my dexcom elsewhere if possible

so how much would it hurt to insert in my legs with mostly all muscle and hardly any fat and should i put it in the thigh area or higher/lower???

I haven’t tried my legs yet (for either my pump or the dexcom). Just remember to go with the grain of the muscle (so the transmitter will be vertical, not horizontal).

I would also find the “softest” place for it on your leg. For me, that’s closer to my butt, not lower towards my middle thigh.

When I wear my pod on my butt, I put it right where the top pocket of my jeans hits. Its the top portion where I don’t sit (if that helps!).

so where on the legs kate back,front, or side?

I haven’t tried it, but I am eying the side, where I don’t often sit. Sitting on the transmitter & sensor sounds like a bad idea to me?

I am thinking just behind the side seam of my pants, straight below my hip if I’m sitting in a chair.

side note, it’s super hard to describe a quarter size location on a hip accurately!

okay, this makes describing easier! I am thinking of using the top and middle of the section on the model’s leg. Thanks, Kaayle!

I wear it on the side of my butt cheak exclusively. You can lay on your back or side and you don’t even notice it.

I wear mine on the back of my arm. My 6 year old who has very little fat also wears hers on the back of her arm. We get a good 2 weeks out of it!

i would do that if i wasnt using my arms still for injections once i get my pump i may do just that