Dexcom Seven Plus Transmitter Chip Length of Longevity

I forgot who or which Diabetic website posted a question asking how long their Dexcom Seven Plus transmitter chip lasted? Also the person asked if you can find out when (date) your transmitter chip was made?

I started Dexcom Seven Plus the beginning of May, 2009. Well… Yesterday at 4pmish I got the “Out of Range” alert and no matter what I did my blood sugar levels didn’t show up ever again (I even sat it out for more than 12 hours and tried to stop sensor and restart, etc., everything!). As the needle came out with my sensor - I also believe the transmitter chip has died. I called Dexcom today and for now they are saying it is most likely the transmitter chip (battery part) has died but had me send my data so they can verify. So for me the transmitter chip lasted a little over a year and I used Dex everyday (out of the whole time of having Dex - I only had a 4 day break). The tech person couldn’t tell me the date when the transmitter chip was made.

I got a call from my supplier (Edgepark) the other day asking me if I wanted to order a new one because the warranty only lasted one year. She said a lot of people see them start to flake out…good luck

how much is a replacement transmitter? Mine is less than six months old so expect it to work for a while longer, but curious of cost.

Thanks… I’m surprised Edgepark hasn’t called me but then again my current insurance company is total crap compared to what I had last year when I first got Dex (which could be why they haven’t been bugging me every month since February, 2010, LOL!).

I asked the Dexcom tech if the chip was more than $300 and she laughed and said she didn’t know how much exactly but said “an upward and over of $300”. I’m tempted to take a rock and break open the transmitter (as it’s dead) to see what the transmitter chip looks like inside.

When I spoke with customer service at Dexcom today, the person I talked with said that transmitters last anywhere from 1 to 1-1/2 years. She also told me that very erratic readings, the ??? and just plain quitting are signs the transmitter is gone (but these don’t usually happen until the year is up).

She also said that a new transmitter purchased after the years’ warranty cost $639 and a new transmitter purchased before the year is up costs $299. So…maybe it is better if a person buys one before the year is up, especially if your sensors and transmitter are “out-of-pocket” expenses as mine are.

I hope my insurance company is smart enough to let me buy a new transmitter before the years is up, saving us both money.