Dexcom transmitter too expensive!

Just checked the price on a new transmitter for Dexcom and it is $650.00! So I was wondering, has anyone ever tried to charge the transmitter battery on one of those charging pads? If so, does it work? If not, anyone got a transmitter that they’d like to get rid of with a good bit of life left in it? Thanks in advance for any assistance.

How old is your receiver? Mine is at least two years old. If yours hasn’t lasted that long, maybe Dexcom would replace it? Have you asked them?

I really don’t like Dexcom’s replacement policy. I think the costs are to drive folks to a new Dexcom system that will be covered by insurance. But there have been no changes in the 7+, so why would I replace it?

The receiver and transmitter are both only a year and 2 months, but I’ve read that the transmitters only last for a year and one-half and wanted to be prepared for any failure. Are you still using your original transmitter?

Just had a transmitter fail after 11 months on the G4 system. Dexcom guarantee is only SIX MONTHS! Sucks.