How does a DexCom 7+ transmitter die?

For some reason I thought that the working range between transmitter and receiver would diminish towards end-of-life of the transmitter. A couple of weeks ago I lost more readings than usual and thought this was the end. DexCom tech support told me that transmitters typically go dark without warning and that my complaint is not consistent with transmitter end-of-life. I ordered a new one anyway. What is your experience?

Call Dexcom Technical Support. You can download your receiver and by the data sent to Dex, they can tell if it is dying. I ordered and received my new transmitter because it was at its life expectancy nearing 500 days. I replaced at day 450.

Thanks. I am using the transmitter for 530 days already. The transmitter going dark without warning scared me. I will receive the replacement 2 weeks after I ordered it. I would be an unhappy camper if I was without my dex for 2 weeks.

This is why I was able to push a complete new receiver and transmitter after 450 days. Now I have a backup receiver - just need to change transmitter ID, a spare charger and data cable also. Dexcom DM is still the same but I have a duplicate of everything.

I was developing a working range problem. I’d hit the one year mark so my insurance covered a new one. I saved the old one as a back up…it never went “dark”

Just got the new one. I will keep the new one as backup.

Now for those of us with replacements –

  1. Where are we going to keep our old transmitter?
  2. When will we know it is time to go to the dust bin?

Items to ponder…

When we downsized to a 980 sf condo, I staked out a drawer in the bathroom as my D drawer. It lives there.

I suspect the old one will go into the dustbin when I actually try to use it and discover it is dead.

I can’t bury my old transmitter in a drawer. It feels like putting down an old, healthy dog just to replace it with a puppy. I have gotten very attached to my dex and I will stick with it to the end.

Well, either my transmitter or receiver or BOTH died saturday late afternoon. I started getting the out of range alarm even when my transmitter and receiver were within 6 inches of each other. I downloaded the info and sent it to Dexcom this am and they are sending me a new one of each, so I’m sure this is of no help…but something of mine related to the Dexcom has died, and I have no idea why!! :slight_smile:

Awwww…how sweet!

How old was the dex?

My dexcom died about two weeks ago. Suddenly it beeped and shut down. When I went to turn it back on it had an error code on it. I called support and they said the error code meant hardware failure. Of course this happened one month after the warrarnty expired! And I have a new insurance compay to contend with. Trying to get reconnected. It is so easy to get hooked on seeing your numbers constantly!

I think your receiver bit the dust, not the transmitter. The list price is $1000. If it was not for the FDA we could just download an app to our smart phone and not have to deal with an extra piece of pricey hardware.

oh yes you are right it was the receiver. I am so lost without it I guess I got confused. That would be so great if information was sent to our phones!! I will keep dreaming