Dexcom Share pic - first impressions

the receiver is the same size and weight of the old one. And other than Bluetooth operates the same. The manuals are impressive in weight, I assume they are thorough.

The app is easy to setup. It takes a few minutes after the number show up on the receiver before the app will even “connect” to the receiver

The fact that the app doesnt do any alerts, and is unable to keep more than 24 hours of data is kinds crazy … The bluetooth function has little value for me but its a positive development.

Hope the battery life is not impacted

Waiting impatiently for the integrated Tandem pump so I don’t have to carry the separate receiver

Is that the share app showing on your phone or the follow app?
Can you post the manual listing of upload devices, and also the follow devices.
See so much speculation on boards about what works on each end would like to finally see it in print from the user manual!
So only the follow app/devices will give alerts?

Doug, can you run the follow app on the phone you use with share app so you could get alerts that way?

Dexcom has posted what devices work with each app. I assume Share is for the cradle and Share2 is for the Bluetooth receiver? (they don't clarify that)

If the Follow app doesn't have any alerts then what's the use? If that's the case, I'll be going with Nightscout.

There are NO alerts on the share app -
What you see is the app on my phone connected to the Dexcom
I havent shared it with anyone yet - tried to install the follow app on my Ipad and it refused to install with an incompatible IOS error

I went ahead and added the follow app to my same phone and it worked - It looks like there are definitely alerts on the follow app - So I was wrong - looks like I hurried through the setup and as usual failed to read the manual

here are some images of both share and follow ![|281x480](upload://6xeCn0mtSZ9VkLScjeXF3tE8wlA.png)









As I understand it this replaces the cradle completely
The receiver talks direct to the share phone which sends the data to the dexcom webserver where the followers get the data

I was wrong about the alerts - the share app has none the follow app has alerts

Dexcom chairman has said the stragegically picked iiphone first and " We expect to have Android secondary display apps by the end of the year. "

here is image of the 100 page share manual - What specifically are you looking for from the manual ![|588x480](upload://6Eb8MgWDvkt0JNG8vhJbs827jrc.jpeg)

All you have to do is FOLLOW yourself in order to get the alerts.

There are no alerts on the SHARE app.

Thanks for posting, Doug. Just curious- how long between placing your order did you have to wait for the receiver to arrive? Just wondering how long of a wait I'm in for.

The USB port ripped off My 2 year old one this weekend - its just coincidence that it was same day new product was released
I called Monday and it was here wed, Fed ex said it wouldnt get here till Thursday ( today )
They were able to confirm Ins and ship same day which is pretty awesome since the battery on my old one was dying and no USB means I cant recharge It was easier since they had a valid RX on file from supplies orders

One of my dislikes of the G4 receiver is it's short history display, even though it does store more history, it can't do anything with it. I was hoping the app would allow this, but seeing that it doesn't really is a let down. 24 hours use is helpful, but there is real help that comes from seeing long term data.

Download it on Dex studio to see the patterns.

I agree - no idea why it doesnt display the data it has past 24 hours
And now that its sending the same info to a device with a much bigger screen and faster processor why it doesnt there ... Im betting its FDA related

pages 19 and 20 of the manual - the only thing I found that lists the allowed devices - same as the marketing info

follow app definitely alerts


Are there alerts for trend arrows (double arrows down)? Or just BG values?

So you don't have to connect the "uploader" phone to the receiver like you do with NS? I assume the receiver would have to be within 20 ft of the phone?

No connecting the phone to the receiver. It is supposed to be within 20 feet but many with the cradle say that they get much more than 20 feet. We haven't pushed it.

There are no trend arrow alerts that I know of, just low, urgent low and high, but of course you can see the arrow as in the picture above.