Dexcom... receiver or IPod? Or phone?

Hi all you Dexcom users!

So I spoke to someone at Dexcom today and I"m trying to decide now if I should buy a receiver for the Dexcom I want to get for my daughter, or an IPOD touch.

My husband and I both have Andriod phones so that’s out as an option and the DEX needs to connect to an IOS device if you want to share the data. We have older kids who don’t have phones and we don’t plan on getting them phones (personal choice) but I guess a phone might be the best solution because then it has data and we could always see her info. Hmmmm…

Any thoughts?

I didn’t realize that it was an option to not buy the receiver? I have an iphone and a receiver. I carry them both on me at all times. The receiver is more reliable so I use that for alerts, but the phone does share data, and has a longer range and is easier to enter your BG into.

You may want to search the term Nightscout. CGM in the cloud.

This is a set up that many parents use to see the data from their kids dexcom

The Nightscout looks cool - but now with the Dexcom share app, as long as she is connected to an IOS device, I should be able to see all her data on my android phone.

I am an old guy (young at heart). At first I hesitated to chime in on a kids topic. But here I am. Buy your daughter an iPhone. It is much less intimidating to check my BG in public with the iPhone than it is with a Dexcom receiver. At work I leave my iPhone out with the Dexcom app open. I don’t need alarms. I don’t reach into my pocket or press a button ever so often. I occasionally glance at my iPhone. That’s it. Think of it as a way of telling your daughter that there is some upside to diabetes. She would have never gotten an iPhone at this early age without.

Are you thinking your child would have iPod touch as the IOS ?

Helmut - she would love it if we got her a phone, she would be in heaven! MM1, I was thinking either a iPod touch as the IOS or a iPhone. The only downside to an iPod is that we couldn’t use data. We have an ipad mini here, but not so easy to bring everywhere! :slight_smile:

I am a big fan of the receiver. I like it because I found that the iphone required too much recharge effort. I know others do not find it to be an issue but I always have.

Hi, there.

My son has been through several iterations of dexcom and iOS devices. I’ll share my thoughts.

Caleb started using an iPod in school to text me when he was in fourth grade - this was before Share of any sort existed. It was a FABULOUSLY AMAZING improvement in his care. However, it had limitations bc he could only use it when connected to wifi. It was a great help to us, but as he got older and more independent, we were finding him out of reliable wifi range more and more. It is what led us to getting him a phone when he entered 6th grade (he always had a flip phone for emergencies, but we decided a full time use phone was appropriate at this time).

At this time he still had no ability to share data, but having constant access to text was another big step in his autonomy. None of this directly answers your question, but hopefully provides some context on how an iPod or phone can be as important a medical device as a pump or CGM. It’s certainly dependent upon your personal circumstances - just sharing ours. It was a critical component of ours, so much so, I had it included in Caleb’s 504 plan.

At about the same time, Nightscout became available. We set Caleb up with a Nightscout rig using an android device. His android phone used a cheap data plan from Ting that was used exclusively to share data. This is a possible option - the phone was inexpensive and the data plan was inexpensive and it was less like having a “phone” and more like having a medical device. At the time you needed a receiver for this. Is Dexcom share now compatible with Android?

Shorty after that, Dexcom share became available. Caleb ran Nightscout and Share concurrently for a while - Nightscout has an amazing Care Portal which allows for seamless communication bt caregivers - this was a great asset with the School Nurse - however, at Caleb’s age this wasn’t really necessary, and carrying the extra rig wasn’t necessary, so we ditched is reluctantly bc we lost some great features with losing Nightscout.

After that, the app became independent from the receiver and again, Caleb continued to carry both for a while (alerts more reliable/audible as @daytona mentions) but that became unnecessary and Caleb has used the phone exclusively for quite some time now. His receiver crapped out at one point. I’ve only recently replaced it bc he’s going on a trip and I want to be sure he has data on the plane and doesn’t have to worry about phone battery running out if he’s not able to charge his phone. (In those situations he won’t be able to share, but at least he’ll be certain to have CGM info for himself).

Again, none of that answers your question directly. I will say that Caleb got a phone at a younger age than his older brother. That was just the way it was bc of what we considered a medical need to keep him safe. I’m trying to think of the drawbacks of having an iTouch v a receiver. Battery life is one, warranty is another. If texting is something that you want to have while she’s in wifi, the iTouch has the advantage.

Hopefully something in here is useful for you if only it’s a point of reference.


Hi Lorraine,

This was super helpful, thanks for sharing! It actually helped answer most of my questions regarding sharing data etc. I did look at the nightscout site, but figured that people were using this before the share apps came out.

Since my daughter is only 10 and homeschooled, right now and ipod with wifi might be ‘good enough’. But I can see that as she gets older and more independent that having a phone and data and the ability to communicate with us via phone or text will be important. And like you said, if it’s treated like a medical device rather than a toy the other kids will more likely understand. :slight_smile: Again, super appreciate this!

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Hi there - I am a T1 Dexcom Share & Omnipod user - asked away ?