Dexcom Share pic - first impressions

I’ve taken and posted screen shots of all the alert options.
My impression is its not designed for instant notification. I’ve seen the app be 5 min behind the app - I haven’t checked the manual but I bet the receiver only attempts to update the iOS device like once every 5-7 min

We are expecting our Share receiver on Monday or Tuesday, but have been using the Share cradle in the meantime. I most definitely get alerts on my iPhone and am reasonably certain that I will continue to receive alerts when my daughter switches to the Share receiver.

I'm glad I held out for the Share receiver and didn't have to deal with all the extra jury-rigged stuff required for Nightscout.

Hello Doug,
I am curious if the new integrated share receiver has the option
to disable the Bluetooth signal?
I also am concerned about the battery life.

I havent attempted a graph or study but my impression is the receiver battery lasts the same as the previous. Of course my previous was 2 years old but I never had to charge it more than every few days and thats only because I read some where not to let it go below 50%

there is a setting that you can turn the share off - IM assuming that turns off the BT
Havent tried it

Oh and my old RX with the dead USB lasted over a week from 55% down to Zero - I was really impressed with that. For a few days I had both receivers getting data from the TX

that is good to know.
I am due for a new dexcom in a few months
and I wont be using the new feature until they come out with an android app.


I don't know why you can't trend backward and see real numbers.

I switched from Minimed (only for cgm use), and while I think the Dexcom is far superior, the two things that the Minimed is better on are 1) Seeing your past numbers, and 2) Much better adhesive!