Dexcom Share

Can I share my dexcom bg via share with the g5 touch screen receiver? The app seems to only mention the g4 older receiver and there is no share in settings on my touchscreen. Is there another way to do it?

You’d need a cell phone with Dexcom app on it. I don’t do it that way myself using a G5: I use xDrip on a cell, and xdrip on other cells that are in “follow” mode. works very well. I send my data to my wife’s phone and she sends data to my phone (both androids). I also send data to a spare phone set up on her nightstand because I usually don’t hear my alarms at night. if she wakes up, she can glance at my numbers on the spare phone that sits on a charger with the screen ON all the time. I also send data to my tablet so that I can see my data when using it, rather than my cell. Oh, and I also have my G5 data on my watch. :slight_smile:

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The new version of the Share app on my iPad is very finicky. Hopefully, it’s a bug they will work out, but in the past couple of weeks I’ve had to resend the share invitation from my phone twice because the iPad app will all of a sudden say that I am not following anyone.

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I have a new phone and have the app. Dex suport told me the share is in the phone app now so I have it set up now.

I would like to try x drip but I am not sure how to do that- do I need more than my pump and dex g5?

Wow sounds pretty complicated lol. So far I am not sure if I like having a follower but it does not work when I am out.

They told me the new app version has a bug and they are fixing it. They said to delete the app, download again. and resend invitations etc. that may help. This was for the g5 mobile dex app which has share in it. If you use that you don’t need the separate share app anymore. But the follower needs the follow app.