G5 app, Xdrip+ can use together?


I am wondering if my wife and I can each use a different app to watch over our son?

The issue is that husband uses Android (OP6, so will have to use Xdrip+) and wife uses an iPhone (assuming is only able to use Dexcom app??. )

Will there be any issues for the G5 sending to 2 different devices? i.e- husband watches LO during the day and uses his Android, then wife watches him at night using her iphone.

In a perfect world, husband/wife rotating work shifts and care shifts of LO wouldnt happen, but having a diabetic young’un, we need to rotate so there is always an adult with him until he is old enough for school.

Thanks all.

edit- is it possible for both of us to see the trends on our devices while away and the opposite phone type is caring for child?

Would it be possible for your child to have their own smart device? The Dexcom would then transmit to the smart device which would relay to the Dexcom cloud and then both Husband w/ Android and Wife w/ iPhone would be able to use Dexcom Follow to pull down the data in real time.

Note that “smart device” which directly receives G5 (or G6) transmissions (via BLE) can be an iPod. Check the Dexcom page to see what is compatible with what.

EDIT: If I recall, we started with an iPod and pretty sure the battery on those things lasted much longer than smart phones. Although using those portable batteries about the size of a lipstick to recharge the phone on the fly works really good.

2 questions:

  1. if our LO had his own smart device and uploaded to Dexcom’s cloud, would my “non-supported” Android device still be able to access all the same info that is uploaded to the cloud thru baby’s smart device? (my Android is a OnePlus and it is not supported by Dexcom, as stated here:
  1. would an Ipod be able to be the primary smart tool for the sensor with no other devices being tethered?

edit- we do have an Ipad that is mainly used for LO’s entertainment, but does not have cellphone connectivity, only wifi

  1. There are ways to get an un-supported Android to work. Obviously the easiest route is supported devices. However people do choose other routes.

  2. Yes.

ipad - Realistically, how often is your child out of range of wifi? Note that the smart device needs to stay within about 20 feet of the transmitter in order to provide a continuous data feed.

issue with the ipad is who wants to lug that around when we go to the grocery store???

back to Q1- know of any ways to get the unsupported Devices to work? All I saw was Xdrip, but then we get into the non-iPhone issue with that.

There are 2 threads on Reddit that have the official Dexcom app with the Play store restrictions removed. The restriction in the Play store is how Dexcom attempts to limit the app to phones they have tested. I am currently using (and have for abt 2 years) the Dexcom G5 app on an unsupported device like yours. Let me see if I can find the links and I will repost

@WillieVee look here. You load the app like directly and unpack once it downloads. It is the actual app, it connects to Dexcom servers, has follow, etc. It also works with < 9.0 Android

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AWESOME!!! Thanks so much