Dexcom sticky fail?

Since I started G6 I have used the Skin-Tac LIQUID. I get as much of the skin-tac liquid off of the sponge applicator as I can by pressing it against the inside of the bottle. Then I brush the sponge directly onto the sticky adhesive of the sensor, staying away from the center hole where the cannula will exit. I go over the surface twice and make sure to cover all the edges. This seems to work very well - the sensor stays put up to 3 weeks.

A solution is to quote some part of post!

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That’s what I use too, but I put it on my skin. Haven’t tried putting it on the sensor. Hm…

I’ve tried it on the sensor. Doesn’t work well for me. I prefer putting on my skin, hitting with a blow drier for a bit and then install a G5. Holds well for about 5-6 days or the full 7. Sometimes I have to add a bit more Skin Tac over the edges and tamp them down (and blow drier again, as I’m a very impatient person).

I just applied my first G6 sensor yesterday early afternoon and when I took a shower at night (I tried not to let the water hit my arm directly) when I got out of the shower the whole edge of the sensor was already coming off. I thought the Libre sensors were bad about hitting it and it popping off but this was ridiculous.

Luckily I put it on my arm. Okay, this is what I did with the Libre a couple of times when the edges were coming off, I can use Elmers glue, although it’s not that strong and then I wrap my arm in an ace bandage. But lol, I guess I am going to have to start trying skin adhesives to see what I don’t react to because I am allergic to many adhesives.

They know it’s an issue obviously. They need to fix it!

I don’t use Skin Tac with my Dex, but I do use it with my OmniPod. Like @Robin26, I use liquid and press off the excess inside the bottle, so the sponge is just damp. But, I brush it on both my skin (while the pod is priming so it sits for a minute or so and gets tacky) and the back of the OmniPod (I just blow on the pod after it is primed to quicken the process of getting it tacky rather than applying it while wet) and match them up as best I can. I don’t worry about leaving the area around the canula free from any Skin Tac. I typically have to pry the pod off.

Me too, and I pray that I don’t get spastic and knock the bottle over! Can you imagine the mess that Skin Tac would make if it spilled?

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Same here! I’ve often have to “catch” it, and thank goodness I do! You’re right, the mess woudl be awful!

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I literally do not put that bottle down until the cap is back on. I don’t want that stuff all over the place.

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The first thing I do is unstick the cap a bit. Then I open the bottle on a tile counter, grasping it carefully in one hand, with the side of my hand pressed against the counter, to steady my hand. Next thing is I unscrew the cap, lift the dauber up to the neck of the bottle and ever so carefully squeeze out the excess Skin Tac. Still holding the bottle firmly against the counter, I withdraw the dauber, release the bottle as if I were a factory robot, hold my breath that I don’t get spazzy at that point and apply the Skin Tac. When done, I slide my hand along the counter and then grasp the bottle once again. Install the dauber & cap, twist, and let out a silent sigh of relief! :slight_smile:


I DID knock over SKIN TAC bottle. What a nightmare. My husband got out the Awesome that we buy at a dollar store and it cleaned up every drop. Nothing else even touched it.


I haven’t heard of Awesome. Gonna have to hit up Google.

Dollar Tree. It’s an “awesome” product!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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That’s it - the spray bottle stuff.

Did u dilute it to clean up the Skin Tac?

No. The Skin Tac is so powerful we needed the full strength Awesome to get it off.

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found the ingredients:

I’m big on chemicals–cleaning and otherwise, so I might hit up the Dollar store for Awesome.