New CGM user, adhesion problem

I am new user of dexcom g6 system - started 8 days ago. I am 68 and had gestational diabetes when pregnant 30 years ago, developed diabetes about 20 years ago, which tested as type 1. Enjoying the ‘stickless’ aspect but some issues - wonderful to have the new and improved, 10 day sensor, but would appreciate an adhesive that kept it in place for 10 days! First sensor was accidentally removed while undressing after 5 days when adhesive stopped doing the job - any suggestions?


We use Opsite Flexifix.

Amazon Code: B0015TI2ZA

We have a cardboard template shaped like a square donut. Hole in the middle for the Dexcom transmitter. Use the cardboard to cut the tape to the right size. Put it over the transmitter/sensor site but the transmitter goes through the hole in the middle so the transmitter itself has no tape over it.

We do not use it always but often find the Dexcom adhesive starts to come loose around Day #6~8 but not consistent. Sometimes it sticks. Sometimes it doesn’t. So if it starts to get loose, we just put the tape over it.

(Home made template. Reason? Easier then trying to figure out the proper size of the tape each time.)


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Skin Tac!

I use Skin Tac on the area before applying sensor. Holds mine on for 10 days no problem

With Opsite my G5 sensor sticks for 5-6 weeks. Secret sauce includes alcohol to remove body oils, and plenty of SkinTac
(see post here)

I read in the Dexcom earnings report where Dexcom has a new adhesive in the pipeline. The in between lines to that statement is that they’re having issues with their current adhesive

Many thanks - was slowly coming to similar conclusion, but great to know what product to use !


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I use Skin Tac and use Tegadem. Mostly Skin tac. I have to cut the Tegaderm patches to size ( sometimes too lazy).

(http://3m Tegaderm Transparent Film Dressing 2.375" x 2.75"/Picture Frame Style/Package of 20)

Agreed. This is pushing off their submission for the 14-day sensor label. Dexcom has said this needs to be fixed/improved (on the 10-day) before moving forward to the 14-day. Which is nice a company can see the obvious.

I also read elsewhere, that they had changed the oxidase vendor on their sensors. Which might be why some people are having more issues with the sensor longevity. Though I do know that the G6 sensor goes is inserted at a shallower angle., even though I don’t use it yet

I use a Guardian 3 sensor and use the Op Site Flexy tape to secure the transmitter and sensor. I usually cut a 1/2” strip and place one over the transmitter and one over the sensor.However. If I intend to go swimming, I cut a rectangle to cover them both.

The 1/2” strip makes it easer to remove the transmitter for recharging if I plan on using the sensor for a second 7 days.

Opsite or Tegaderm with Guardian.

I use skin tac and love it.

Hi Susan- I use Skin Prep by Smith & Nephew Medical. It is simple to use and never fails to hold even when I have gone way past the due date for change. I use a hot tub every day and my bigger problem is getting the sensor off because it is so adhered to my skin. 3 boxes of 50 costs $16 on Amazon. They are like an alcohol wipe with no cutting tape or anything. Just wipe on- let dry- stick sensor on- done! Good luck!