Dexcom sticky fail?

Is anyone else finding that that sticky patches for Dexcom (G5) sensors have recently become a lot less sticky? For months my usual method of applying skin-tac, letting it dry a bit, then putting the sensor on worked great, some of 'em even holding on pretty well all the way to the end of a second session. I thought, hey, I’ve really mastered this thing! But the last three or four, across two boxes, don’t seem to stick anything like that well anymore. Final straw: this a.m. I discovered the sticky patch for the one I put on just yesterday morning was already peeled half off, completely unstuck on one side. Quality control fail or what? Anyone else experiencing this?

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Not yet. what is date on your G5 sensors? My newest ones that I’ve used, expire 7/1/19 and seem identical to those I used 18 months ago. BTW, I started using Skin-Tac within a month of starting on the G5.

PS: I’ll speak for my wife too–she hasn’t noticed any increased issues with the stickability of the sensor tape, either by itself or with the usage of skin tac.

I don’t think Caleb has this issue, but he doesn’t get beyond a single session. I think @Mila’s son may have had this issue.

isn’t her son using G6? The G6 has a known issue and dexcom has said they will improve the adhesive in the future.

My last G5 sensor did not stick almost from day one. I’ve never needed to apply skin tac; the Dex tape has always adhered to the Tegaderm patch perfectly, until this last sensor. This is a rarity for me and my next sensor looks okay. I’m working out of a few different boxes of sensors because of Christmas travels and things getting garbled, so who knows if it was an odd occurrence or if there are some sensors from its box waiting to curl up too. LOL

Don’t have the box–I’m at work–but the script was filled in September. I still had some from my previous order so didn’t start using this box until more recently–I almost always get two weeks per, excepting the odd bad insertion. Could be I just got a bad batch.

So you’re one of the people who put a Tegaderm on first, then insert the sensor through it? I haven’t tried that yet.

Yes :slight_smile: I have had great success doing it this way. I don’t cut a hole first, it just inserts, as you say, through it. I can wear a sensor for upwards of 30+ days and when I take it off, it looks as good as it did on day one! I’m not changing sensors because the tape didn’t hold up, but because it has begun to hiccup and gives aberrant readings.

dang, after 9-11 days, my G5 goes wonky. I’ve recently decided to just change them every week as it seems pointless for me to do a restart for just 2 extra days. The worst part is when it starts getting erratic near the end of the day, as I get unreliable readings for the first 1/2 of day for a new sensor so installing a new sensor late in the day is a bad option for me.

Yes. Sorry. My bad. Maybe they started using the G6 adhesive with the G5s. Caleb is using G6.

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I hope they didn’t start using the inferior stuff on the newer G5’s. :slight_smile:

On a related item, a long time ago I received a packet of 10 FREE patches from Dexcom, simply for the asking. Has anyone here availed themselves of those freebies? I’ve no idea if they are still giving them away. they are clear, very thin transparent dressings, about the consistency of IV3000. They fit around the G5’s.

We had this issue with the G6; we can’t use the G5 sensors directly on Jaime’s skin because it causes a severe allergic reaction. :frowning:

I just ordered a bunch of patches to help with the G6, which we are starting again pretty soon.

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For best results with G5 I make an Opsite Flexifix patch about 3/16" bigger than the sensor patch and apply to skin after cleaning skin with alcohol. Put sensor onto patch and poke through patch. Then put an Opsite Flexifix donut 3/16" bigger than sensor patch over transmitter. That sandwich holds up under all sorts of sweaty sports, showers, etc. Not quite as good is to just apply sensor to body after cleaning body with alcohol and then Opsite donut over that. Also make sure area is clean shaven for extremely good adherence.

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A few years back I was swimming daily. I would lose most stickum on infusion sets after a couple of swims so I found Mastisol worked best. Never had the issue afterwards. A very very strong warning though. If you use Mastisol, you HAVE to use the release agent, Detachol when it is time to remove the sensor, or you will give up a lot of skin along with the patch when you remove it. IF you can find Mastisol (It used to come in a plastic bottle. Now all I see is glass vials)

A small side benefit - I have never found something that takes off tree sap better than Detachol - FWIW

@DrBB I personally am not having the issue you described, but I also use a GrifGrips fabric overpatch when I first insert a sensor. I change the overpatch as needed, generally every 14 days, and get on average 25-28 days/sensor.

Just got some of those yesterday and have already got one going. Seems like a pretty good solution.

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Yeah I wonder. Seems like it was an abrupt and very noticeable change.

I can’t determine what you are referring to. What did you just get?

GrifGrips. Weird thing about Discourse is that if you reply to someone else but you’re at the bottom of the thread it’s not real obvious whom you’re replying to.

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