Dexcom subscription vs restarting sensors

Hi guys,

Looking specifically at people who pay out of pocket. I am currently on the G5 and pay out of pocket, so the costs are quite high.

At first glance, the subscription is obviously much cheaper, at$299/mo (Canadian). Apparently “free transmitters” for a year.

What do you guys think of this vs restarting sensors, prolonging them, etc?

Also, anyone have any experience with cancelling the subscription program part way through? The only thing I see in the terms & conditions is if you cancel it before 30 days.


Well you can’t restart the g6 transmitters anymore. You can still restart a few sensors, however with the 110 day limit, you won’t get many restarts, and then you will need to buy a new transmitter.
I have not figured any way to game the system at this point.
My insurance gives me one transmitter and 9 sensors per quarter.
The last time, I had a few failures and dexcom sent me replacements but I never got to use them because my transmitter shut off promptly at 90 days.
So now I have a 3 sensor buffer.
I have no reason to restart them anymore

Thanks for your help

I’m not aware of this being available in US.
Do you have to commit to a full year subscription, or stop when/if you want.

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I’m in the US and pay cash for Dexcom G6, and found the subscription to be WAY overpriced. Of course, they cost a lot more in the US anyway, more than $450 Canadian dollars a month just for the sensors. I think the subscription was like $350USD/month. I’m not sure if you have the same shopping opportunities I have, though.

I’ve found the best cash price by buying supplies at Sam’s Club, with the second tier ($100 annually, but we would buy this membership anyway for free shipping of discount bulk goods, so I don’t consider it a pharmacy expense) Plus membership. The Plus membership comes with BIG pharmacy savings. I pay $284 for 3 sensors and $125 per transmitter (1 every 3 months).

I do restart my sensors. I can reliably get 25-30 days per sensor. Technically, my monthly cost should be about $136US. In reality, though, it’s a little bit less. I’ve had some early sensor fails that I had Dexcom replace, but still essentially got the few days if did work for free. I’ve also had two transmitters replacements free of charge for malfunctioning early… equaling about 3 months of transmitter use I didn’t have to pay for.

Do you have Sam’s Club? If not, do you have similar “memberships only” buying clubs? You may want to shop around for various pharmacy discount options before you consider the membership.

A lot of the big grocery stores and pharmacies are offering prescription savings clubs now. You pay a small fee up front to participate, like $50US, and then get a discount on your scripts. Most have a comparison tool on their website where you can lookup what dex supplies will cost with that particular membership.

Of course, my savings depend highly on the extended restarts. If you can’t stressfully do several restarts, then the subscription plan starts looking better.

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I, personally, don’t restart because I have issues with sensor accuracy on the G6. I think I probably could restart. But, I’ve been to afraid to loose any accuracy. A lot of people restart without much difficulty.

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That’s nice to hear. Unfortunately here in Canada, Dexcom is the only source for buying them. No one else like Costco, etc, sells those types of things. You’re lucky you’re able to get so long out of sensors…that definitely saves a lot of money.

I’m not sure on that. I think once you commit they have some terms & conditions on cancelling, but I couldn’t find details on cancelling after 30 days…

Yeah I have a lot of problems with restarted sensors on the G5 as well. Doubting the G6 will be any better.

Really? That’s terrible. I had no idea you could only buy direct from Dexcom. In the US, pharmacy availability is a big selling point for Dex, because it makes it more readily available. Is that standard practice in Canada to eliminate the middlemen?

Honestly, if I were you in that situation, I would shop around between buying black market, resold sensor/transmitter and compare the costs to buying direct from Dexcom. I wouldn’t commit to a subscription until you know how long you can get for sensor life. A lot of people don’t understand the point of restarting sensors because they get timely replacements in the mail at little to no cost to themselves, but when you’re paying out of pocket every day of life you get lowers your final cost significantly. If you’re not able to get much more than 10 days, then the subscription option will probably be most cost effective. However, if you can extend your sensors long enough to justify paying for your transmitters (1 every 90-110 days, depending on battery life. You get a free replacement if it dies before 90 days), your best option may just be to buy what you need as you go.

You can’t really know your best option until you get a little experience under your belt with the G6.

Or, you could just turn the tides on us, and cross the border to buy at a US pharmacy. You need a script, though, and to give the pharmacy a few days because in my experience, they don’t keep Dex supplies on the shelf and have to order it in.

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That does sound like the most logical solution and what I will end up doing, thanks!

It was the same way here in the us. You could only buy from Dexcom. It’s only been recently that they see from pharmacies

True for medicare, but recently changed.

Started with Dexcom Seven, then G4, G6.
Most have come via DME, but recently able to get as pharmacy.

For a short time, my employer insurance had a “diabetic kit” mail order deal. As long as you included insulin, the “kit” could also contain bg strips, syringes, lancets, AND dexcom, for 90 day supply, all for single $40 copay.

I think they initially thought dexcom was similar to bg meter checking, and quickly yanked dexcom, to be billed separately.

For awhile I got mail order pharmacy from Foundation Care, my best experience, but they were bought out and I heard service was very poor after that.

As of this year, I was able to switch to local pharmacy for G6, and use Costco pharmacy, just picked up transmitter today. DME forced 2 transmitters every 6 months, but I prefer getting transmitter every 3 months for better battery life.