G5 vs G6 Decision help!

Hi guys,

I have been temporarily laid off work and as such our insurance will be ending at the end of April. I have received the email saying that Dexcom will be stopping selling for G5 (which I currently use) as of June 2020. I would like to make an order now while I still have my insurance, in case something goes wrong in the future. I am almost due for another transmitter, as I have roughly 50 days left on it, and have 9 sensors left to use.

As such, if I go with the G6 upgrade right now, I will have left over G5 sensors after my transmitter dies.

  1. Has Dexcom been buying back/crediting your old G5 sensors after you switched to G6?
  2. I have a Tandem X2. Do I absolutely need the software upgrade to be able to pair with G6 sensors, or is that only necessary for Basal-IQ (I don’t need that right now…)?


They will stop selling G5 transmitters in June.
But continue to send sensors through December.
If you use each G5 sensor more than 7 days (restart), you’re probably lower cost with G5 through year end.

Good to know, thanks. Yes I do restart them, last me about 12-13 days on average.

Can you purchase your policy thru COBRA? No real telling how long these layoffs last.

Yes, you need to do at least the Basal-IQ update to use the G6. I ran into that problem myself when I started G6 and hadn’t updated the software yet. It only took me a few hours to fix that, but that was before the Control-IQ backlog.

Actually I’m from Canada…so not for me.

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Thanks Robyn. What’s the Control-IQ backlog you’re speaking of? Basal-IQ and Control-IQ come in the same update?

Wonder if this would work for you, for Canada.


Tandem staff have been overwhelmed by the masses flocking to get on the new system.
They’ve been pretty slow to process the paperwork. I applied early, so didn’t have to wait long for the upgrade to be processed, but I’ve heard of people waiting a month or more. I don’t know if they’ve caught up yet, or if it’s still a slow wait.

And no, Basal-IQ and Control-IQ do not come in the same update. The software is very different. I definitely prefer Control-IQ, but it’s not available anywhere outside the US yet.

Oh I see. Tell me there’s an option to update so the G6 works but disable all that Basal-IQ and Control-IQ stuff? At times Dexcom can be wildly inaccurate for me so I don’t see it working at all.

Also, did they mandate training with someone coming to your house with the new updates?

Yes, both Control-IQ and Basal-IQ can be turned off and left turned off if that’s what you want.
The training is watching online videos and taking a little quiz. There’s no human involved.

Okay great, thanks. I just ordered more G5 supplies…over $1000. Hope my insurance still works :roll_eyes: