Dexcom Supplies

Does anyone know if you can buy Dexcom supplies directly from Dexcom? I’m losing the ability to use the distributor I used last year because as of January 1, I have a new high deductible on my insurance plan and my current supplier won’t take monthly payments out of my HSA account until my deductible is met. Some of my supplies, I can buy directly from my pump company. I’m just wondering about Dexcom.

you can buy direct from dexcom and they will bill insurance if they are a preferred provider.

You can buy directly from Dexcom but that would probalby depend if they work with your insurance or not. They do work with some insurance & also sell them for cash.

Thanks Cody.

Thanks Kelly. I’ll call them tomorrow. Hopefully I can work it out with them. If not, it’s way more important to me that I keep my pump, if I have to make a financial choice.

My problem is that I have a $2800 deductible and then everything is paid 100%. My distributor when I bought my pump and dex told me not to worry about it, when the new year came…and it has…they would work with me paying for supplies until the deductible is met. One order for both sets of supplies would do that. Now they won’t work with me and I need to find a company that will. Animas is willing to work with me. I just don’t know about Dexcom. I do have an HSA which covers my deductible amount, it’s just that the money goes into the account monthly, not all up front like a FSA

I hope you can get it worked out. I am the opposite, I would give up the pump before I give up the Dexcom. I have too many bad lows so my Dex is like a liver saver for me!

In the beginning of pump use and before the pump, I had a lot of lows, but not now. And, I don’t find that the Dexcom is very close to my actual bs readings. I know it’s about trends and not exact numbers, but I would like it to be at least close. I’ve had a couple of sensors replaced by Dexcom. With my pump, my sugar is much more stable, plus I’ve lost 40 pounds, partly because I’ve reduced my basal amount and bolus amounts so much. I really don’t want to go back on MDI and have those items turn around like they were.

I remember you saying about the weight loss and contributing that to the pump so I don’t blame you there! I just had Dexcom replace a sensor over the weekend. I hit in the 20s and it did not catch it. Most of the time, the Dex does pretty well but my last couple sensors have been off.

On the pump, I’ve cut my basal from 64 units to 36 units a day and my bolus has gone down from 60 units a day to about 18 units a day. So far, I’m continuing on the weight loss…hopefully it will continue even more. My doc seems to be confident that it will. We’ll see.

That is a big cut. I have cut back but I was having thyroid issues pre-pump so it is hard to say how much is pump & how much is my thyroid being regulated. I am sure your weight loss will continue also.

The best approach is to call and ask. Explore! Be reasonable. Dexcom has worked with me and my insurance company.

Pull an HSA statement. It should be managed by an outside provider. Verify the money is not there. Before I retired all of my HSA and FSA monies were in my account on 1/1 of each year even though the HSA/FSA manager had not gotten all of the money up front.

Oh no, it’s not there. My employer puts a deposit in on the 1st and 15th…paydays, throughout the year. I wish it was in there at the first of the year. I’m usually lucky and have providers who work with me and bill me knowing that I’ll pay them like clock work…on the 2nd and 16th. I’m disappointed that the distributor told me not to worry about it for the first of the year and then now they won’t work with me. Thank goodness for Animas and hopefully Dexcom.

Does anyone buy their dexcom supplies through Liberty Medical? I’m looking for a new source for pump and dex supplies because the distributor I’ve been using won’t let me make a payment plan until I meet my high deductible. Liberty says they will and they carry all the supplies that I use in one place. My pump manufacturer would help me, but then I’d have to get my dexcom supplies elsewhere and have two people I need to pay. The girl I talked to at liberty about the payment plan said not to worry about it, when I get my bill call them and they’d make a payment plan. Anyone who has used this supplier and knows how they do business, I’d love to know. It kinda seems too easy.