Dexcom supplies

So i ordered some new sensors the other day and usually by now it shows up on my online bank statement right after they have shipped them and i still see nothing though i have met my out of pocket thing which is like $2800 believe im at $3100 before this order, so does that mean im getting them for free??? Im hoping so because then im gonna try to order quite a few more before the year is up… and also does anyone know if the same would apply to pump supplies? Im only asking because ive never had this happen before when i was on a pump.

thanks for any input i receive!

Talk with Dexcom and your insurance company because obviously I don’t know anything about your situation…but, in my experience if you met your insurance deductible, the insurance company pays for supplies for the rest of the year (that would normally apply to your deductible). You can only get x-amount of sensors for x-amount of time, so you probably can’t go crazy with more orders. This is my experience only- yours will differ depending on your insurance and what it covers :slight_smile:

Good luck!

I agree with Sarah. I would start with Dexcom (no need to “tip off” your insurance company). The Sales/Order department should be able to tell you if you met your deductable. (They usually tell me without my asking when I order). You could also ask your benefits coordinator at work. I am leary about asking too many questions, however, and showing up on the radar screen as a frequent user of medical benefits. I’m probably just paranoid, but I don’t want someone in benefits too realize how much I am using.

My insurance company is very strict about when I am allowed to reorder sensors. I am often using the last sensor when the insurance will allow a shipment. This is different than my mail away pharmacy under the drug plan where I can usually order my next three month supply after two months.

With my insurance, when I reach my deductable, I don’t pay anything for sensors, a new receiver and transmitter and pump (OmniPod) supplies. I had met my deductable in September 2009 when I got my PDM and first shipment of pods, so I didn’t have to pay any out of pocket for them. The deductable doesn’t apply to my insulin or test strips - they go under the drug plan.