Where to buy sensor supplies?

I have buying Dexcom supplies from PumpsIt, but I want to switch to another company. Their renewal system is completely unautomated: I have to call, leave a message, get a call back, wait for my order, etc. I suppose you could say this is nice because it's personalized, but it just feels ridiculously inefficient to me. In addition, the thing that really bugs me is that they *never* send a receipt with my order. I *always* have to make yet another phone call to request a receipt. I have asked repeatedly for them to make a note for a receipt to be included in my box, but it's never there. That's just stupid. Where are you buying your sensor supplies in the US?

Hi Carb 101,
I am wondering if the sensors are less expensive where you are currently buying them. I get mine through Dex and it is really effortless! They have four or five options of how you want them automatically delivered. I choose to get one box of four every month. The only time I need to do anything is once a year- sign up for the following year's deliveries.
Hope this helps!

I have good insurance, but without it, they are about $90 each, is what I believe I was told. I'm surprised you can buy directly from Dexcom. I think we were trained by a Dexcom rep (I sure thought she was from Dexcom), and she set us up with PumpsIt. You know, I bet that was like a loyalty reward because PumpsIt chased after our insurance until they agreed to pay.

I use Edgepark, partly because my insurance company does not recognize Dexcom. I also get omnipods, test strips, and other supplies from them.

https://www.edgepark.com/ is all I know.

If your insurance coverage for sensors is part of a Pharmacy benefit, then Foundation Care is an option. They have been very easy to work with.
When they process my order, it is direct shipped from Dexcom, but FC always sends me the receipt separately, w/o any problem.

I guess I am really fortunate, My insurance (Blue Shield) covers the entire bit. And, they acknowledge Dex - which makes ordering really easy, as I stated earlier.

I gotta look into Blue Shield! I'm looking for new insurance now.

Depends on the state–BCBS Minnesota was not helpful in my case.

I have BC/BS, and have always gotten dex stuff direct from Dexcom.

BCBS in NJ is no longer covering sensors unless you have a documented low that required medical intervention, e.g. ER visit, doctor verified seizure, glucagon use followed by ER visit. It stinks because they used to cover it and this change seems to go contrary to medical practice -- use a CGM to stay away from the ER!

BCBS MN tried to deny me–I managed to overcome their decision by noting:

  1. that I had been a diabetic for 50 years, and that I was suffering from hypoglycemic unawareness;
  2. waiting until I had suffered a loss of consciousness was essentially as you have described it–I was required to suffer a near-fatal experience before the device would be allowed. This made no sense.

My case was reviewed by a physician (rather than a businessman), and the decision to deny me coverage was overturned. I was, however, warned about the BCBS lifetime limit on coverage. (Thank you, Affordable Healthcare Act!)

Interesting how much BC/BS varies. Although we live in Texas, my husband's employer is based in California, so we have BC/BS of CA. We had to work our way through a vareity of appeals to get the CGM, but it really wasn't "hard"; it was time consumming, but more for the MD and the folks at PumpsIT than for me.

I just moved here to MN, this isn't good to hear.

I go through Diabetes Specialty Center out of Utah. They have fantastic customer service, quick shipping, and always include receipts. 1-800-775-4372

Hope this helps!

I called BC/BS and was denied because I have diabetes.

We must all keep in mind that insurance companies (in general) are out to make (or at least save) money. Many of the adjusters who review our requests for medical supplies do not have the education to practice such demanding tasks. It took me over a year of appeals and finally a third party judgement to get a CGM! This was after I had many hypo episodes and one really bad one that should have killed me. It is a long story, but the short version is that I lost consciousness due to a related problem, fell and broke my neck at C2. I should be either dead or paralyzed, but was fortunate to get really good, care - so I am neither. Blue Shield of California still denied me a CGM and after the fourth appeal, I applied for a third party medical judgement and won!
So the moral of this story is: don't give up. Keep writing to your insurance and have your doctor do the same. If we all just accept their (sometimes) lame answers...we will all be in trouble.

As far as Federal BCBS is concerned, the company that processes the claim is the one in CA where Dexcom is located. The CA BCBS will contact your BCBS franchise company for coverage verification but the claim is still handled in CA.

I was initially set up with Edgepark, but they are very nit-picky and I would not buy alcohol wipes from them, I would get rubbing alcohol at Walmart and use cotton balls instead.

I got my Dexcom directly through Dexcom. At that time my insurance wouldn't cover it, so I paid. Someone at Dexcom suggested that I go through Pumpsit for the sensors, saying that Pumpsit folks were more used to working with insurance companies and maybe they could get the sensors covered.

I use Edgepark and they are really easy to work with.