Dexcom - the company and their customer service

Has anyone had poor experience with Dexcom customer service.This might be more a venting post. Also would love to hear if anyone has had better results with a different monitor.

I was due for a new CGM, I called Dexcom to get info on their new device the G5 and asked if it worked with my Tandem t-slim. Got the green light from their c/s rep & ordered. Well it doesn’t work.

The G5 is bluetooth and t-slim radio frequency. I’m not a techie so trusted Dexcom’s advice.

I called to return and was refused. Their return policy is 30 days from shipping date not date received. I was one day short. After numerous calls to supervisors and the sales rep for my doctors office, all saying yes shouldn’t be an issue I have not been able to return.

I like my Dexcom and Share. Just wondering has anyone else had trouble with the company?

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Nope. They have been fantastic. bummer you aren’t happy with their service. Don’t judge the entire company by one issue, however.

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There are different versions of Tandem pumps, some with integration. I suggest you contact Tandem, as they can provide accurate information about your specific version.


Ditto. Nothing but praise for them. Wish I was still using their CGM. Talking to a Medtronic CS Rep is almost as bad as talking to a machine.


I’ve had troubles with coordination between Dex and my insurance company quite a few times. It can be a bit frustrating.

Generally once I receive the supplies, everything works beautifully, and their technical support team is incredibly helpful when it doesn’t.

Have you tried speaking with their technical support team? Or calling Tandem? My understanding is that the there are Tandem pumps that work with Dexcom products.

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@dipsyhat The Dexcom G5 integrates with the Tandem TSlim x2. It can be tricky to set up if you are trying to use a transmitter that has already been activated and is linked to a Dexcom receiver. There are tricks though. Easy tricks to get it to work. Please let me know if you would like help.

Regarding Dexcom, 18 months ago I would have held the company as an example of a company actually providing stellar customer service. Today…better than Comcast/Verizon, not as good as Tandem. By the way, if you have sensor transmitter issues, and your pump is set up to use the cgm, Tandem can replace/warranty Dexcom parts - and they are quicker than Dexcom these days.

thanks for the replies everyone. Dave44 you’re right shouldn’t judge with only one issue. And their product is great. Still frustrating to have to deal with poor customer service


Next time you have an interaction with them that is positive, come back and update us, please. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I just went through an awful time with them. It’s in a different post. I have been on a Dexcom since 2008 and thought I would try and order directly through Dexcom, lesson learned, I’m going to return to getting my supplies through a third party as much as possible from here forward. I wish I had had as good as experiences as the others here.

Strange–my wife and I get our Dexcom stuff thru them and it couldn’t be more “frictionless”. We get emails every month, like clockwork, which we reply to; a day or so later, our monthly supplies are shipped via 3 day UPS. No signature required. They rock!

I’ve had NO problems buying direct from Dexcom or dealing with Tech Support.
Except trying to convince 1 TS that 7 day use of a sensor is not same as 6 days and 8 hours. Forgot to argue ‘Change Sensor Soon’ message didn’t even appear before failure.

My daughter has been using Dexcom for 8+ years. We’ve had both excellent & truly lousy experiences with them over the years. Typically, we’ve had problems when new tech is released, which is to be expected.

Personally, I would rely on Tandem’s advice as far as integration questions before I would turn to Dexcom, since they make the pump. Dexcom’s sales reps basically follow a script. If you ask a question that falls outside their standard script, you’re not likely to get a good answer. In this case, I would keep trying to return the equipment. Keep calling & ask for a supervisor each time. You could also try posting on their Facebook page. They’re very responsive to complaints if your careful in the wording.

Yes, I have had some problems. My first problem was trying to get replacements for my sensors. Sometimes, it would take up to two months. I don’t totally blame them, though, I think a lot of it is all the red tape involved in our health care system and insurance companies.
Recently, I had an issue with my blue tooth and talked to a “tech support” specialist. She was quite rude and obviously frustrated. (There are 2 words in tech and support. First, you need to know technology. Second, you need to provide support.) She solved nothing, caused me the loss of a sensor and another 2 hours with a different tech support specialist who eventually solved the problem.

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Just had poor customer service but have not previously experienced a problem over 10 months. First of all, if you call and are on extended hold and are asked if you’d like to put your phone number in queue for callback, think twice before doing so. Did this on Sunday afternoon/evening when I had a desperate problem. Initially no call back after 2hr so I called back, and held until they picked up. They called in response to the original request 24hr later.

Second, the reason for my desperate call… Received 2 G5 transmitters in early March. 1st died at end of most recent sensor session. Tried to pair the second one and it wouldn’t pair with phone or receiver. Reason being low battery-- how can it be low if never used, well the transmitter manufacture date was 2/3/18 and the phone tells me it was activated on 2/13/18, 3 weeks before being shipped to me. So now I’ve got 2 non functional transmitters and no CGM. How this happened no one knows and of course they want it back to examine. Sunday evening by time they had answered and “sent” out for delivery Monday for Tuesday. Opened the box… No transmitter %#$%%##$!!! Did get a sensor and a biohazard pack to return whatever (only the old sensor would be a biohazard and it’s not a problem). Order sheet doesn’t even mention the transmitter. Called back-- 30min on hold-- “all supervisors are out today at a meeting”, “transmitters may be backordered”. Me: “well why didn’t someone tell me that, why isn’t it on the invoice, and what kind of response is that? You have zero transmitters in stock in all of Dexcom???” – no response of anything useful. No indication of when I might have a transmitter and working CGM… Customer service sucks! Meanwhile, the transmitter I had worked fine until software decided to kill it. They can’t find a way to give you 5-10 days of emergency life?

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I have not been able to reach a live representative for 4 days.
I have called back the specific rep that called me once. He has never called me back for 5 days. I have called 1-888-738-3646 and I have been on hold for over 20mins. I am beginning to think it is not a good idea to use their products. I am worried if I had a problem using one of their products, I will be stuck on hold trying to fin a solution.

I’ve never had that happen in the entire year I’ve been with Dexcom, but their hold times have increased dramatically since the G6 was rolled out. Call when their lines open in the AM (check your local times). Call them within less than ONE MINUTE of when they open the phone lines and you should get through from a few seconds to under 5 minutes. After that first minute, the wait gets very long.

“call them within 1 minute of them opening” That’s exactly why at this point I do no want to use their products. I can not think of a single other company that I would have to do that in order to speak to someone. the customer service is is extremely inefficient.

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it’s your call (pun intended). good luck with the competition. whew! Think of the folks that line up for hours to buy iPhones. it’s like that. Popular items cause long waits. The G6 rollout has taxed Dexcom and they are hiring new people at a frantic pace.

Your attitude reminds me of “bite one’s nose to spite one’s face”.

I use other products from other manufacturers. Never had such a negative experience like the one caused by dexcom’s lack of customer service.

I do not “need” dexcom product since there are alternatives in the market. So I guess my 'attitude" is insignificant in this situation. Good luck to everyone else on hold or setting their alarm clocks to be the first caller of the day!!!

It’s not that hard to do. I’ve had to do precisely the same thing to get through to several other companies. actually, more than “several”. It is what it is. I’m not about to stop using the services OR products of a particular company because hold times are long. This is reality.

And there is nothing that substitutes for a Dexcom CGM. Seriously.