Dexcom - the company and their customer service

jhanna, I eventually got a hold of Dexcom with the help of the local sales rep who calls on my doctor’s office. I’m sure your doctor’s office will give you their local rep’s info.
Good luck and hope this helps

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@jhanna if you happen to have a Tandem pump, you can call them for your Dexcom needs. Almost no wait time there

So sorry you are having such a hard time! I wish I had answer for you but in the 6 or 7 years I have been using Dexcom, I have never had a need to call them about anything.
But the waiting on hold is a person with diabetes’ life. All we do is wait on hold. I usually just leave a message and ask to be called back. Insurance companies, mail orders, pump companies, the amount of time we spend on hold is nightmarish. So sorry there is another company to add to your list. I really hope it gets better, but like I said, I love their product and have never had a problem! CGM’s are I think one of the greatest inventions out there.

I am guessing you have the older model? The Tandem t:slim G4?

At this point, if you simply say “t:slim” the assumption most likely is that you are talking about the Tandem t:slim X2.

After 3 months of ups & downs with Dexcom, the insurance company, and the 3rd party DME provider the Dexcom CGM was delivered today. To my total shock I received a G6 system as I was told my insurance would only cover the G5. Guess it all got sorted out. Easy to set up, the insertion was straightforward and didn’t hurt at all. It’s currently warming up. I will be happy to have insight on my overnight/early morning issues and show my doctor on Monday.


I hope it works well. If you have any issues, don’t hesitate to call tech support 24/7.

Have been w/ Dexcom for over 10 years. Customer support was never an issue until 9/18/2018… G5 w/ medicare for last 4 years. 4 of the last 5 months, Dexcom has been late shipping my monthly sensors & strips. Time off G5 ranged from 5-10 days. For whatever reason I feel I’ve been placed last in the priority line each month now. Reasons & actions taken by Dexcom have met w/ furious responses from myself. The situation imposed by them is inexcusable and unjustified.

90 days in and I’ve had a fantastic experience with the G6 system. I did have one sensor that started out a little wonky so I contacted Dexcom tech support, they shipped me a replacement sensor as a “just in case” the sensor did crap out which thankfully it started working just fine after a few hours. That extra sensor came in handy when US Med shipped a G5 resupply instead of a G6 so that took a few days to sort out.

really good to hear the G6 works well. I heard the slimmer profile sensor is much less intrusive too.
I didn’t get one yet because it wouldn’t work with my Tandem tslim - radio waves vs bluetooth but I’m looking forward to the day when I can.

You must have the original Tandem t:slim that integrates with the Dexcom G4? As opposed to the Tandem t:slim X2 ?

I ordered my new 30 day supply (thanks, Medicare (sarcasm for short order)) of G5 sensors on 1/7. Just got a note on 1/16 that my order is being “processed” and also:
Note: Dexcom is currently experiencing higher than usual demand for orders of Dexcom CGM supplies. Because of this, you may experience a short delay in the shipment of your order.”

Because the system forces a lie, I should be long out of sensors already. By the time I get my order, I suspect that 30 days will have passed. I love Dex but hey, they should have added enough staff by now to take care of increased business.
I need my cgm 24/7 and consider it life or death as I am older and live alone. Not in a city either. Having to use the meter only is a serious problem for me. Of course, I know how fortunate I am to have insurance for a cgm and do not know how T1Ds manage without one.

@Bluebird, My information is the Dexcom backlog has been resolved.

If you would not mind, it would be interesting if you were able to edit and update your post when you receive the information as to what date the order shipped from Dexcom and what date it actually arrived at your doorstep?

Note: Clearly, it already is excessively long if your order was on Jan 7th but it was not processed until the 16th. (Seven business days)

Don’t me mean they should have increased production, to handle the increased business that Medicare coverage of the G5, as well as demand for the G6, has created. They need more PRODUCTION. Geez, when I call the sales department that handles Medicare orders, they always answer quickly, so I don’t see a need for more staff there. Having said that, tech support calls sometimes take quite a while to get through, so it seems evident that trained staff for that department are somewhat lacking.

Seems we T1’s are getting more and more dependent on CGM’s to the point that we feel they are a “life and death” matter. I’m still mystified that I survived the dark days from 1978 until 1996 without a pump, modern insulins, or until 1992, a meter. I should have died in my sleep sometime in the 1980’s or early 90’s.

If anxiety of not having a CGM during sleep hours is unbearable, avoid having any IOB at bedtime, and set an alarm(s) to wake you up periodically. Better to have upset your sleep, than to “wake up dead”. (a take on Vacation: "Clark, stop it! I don’t want to spend the holidays) dead.

Yes, I meant production. And probably more people in the shipping department.

I know that so far I have awoken. awakened? But last year once I awoke face down on the hardwood floor from about 3 ft fall or tumble and I heard no alarm, etc, and had pulled out my pump insertion. Cgm was working so there are occasions when even the cgm is not foolproof. But 99% of the time I hear the alarm and I count on it. I have difficulty falling back asleep after the procedure of testing (lamp, putting on glasses, getting alert enough to do the test) during the night. Not to say I won’t do it if I must but it feels like going back in time! The joys of being a T1!!

ah, while discussing how indispensable a CGM can be, and how much we rely on them, in the back of my mind I was thinking as I wrote the last response, that they aren’t foolproof.

I get confused between some words like “lie”,“lay”. Also not clear to me which is correct: awoken, or awakened. The English language is tricky; I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to learn as a second language, given all the nuances in it.

Although certainly not with your years, still for the years that I have been monitoring my T1D, I find that even with the cgm, I have apparently become programmed to waking up at 2AM.

At this point, I just roll with it. Wake up, glance at the cgm tablet (Follow App) and rollover back to sleep.

My wife has made it a bit of habit recently, ever since I put xDrip follower on my old phone, to look at from time to time, as her sleep is interrupted more than mine for pain or potty breaks. It’s great to have my receiver on me, but unfortunately for me, I sleep thru the alarms. She hears nearly all of them.

I’ll post a pic of the phone with the widget on it, momentarily…

I added an app to the phone to dim the screen much more than Android standard minimum dimming for 4.3 on a Note 2, so that it doesn’t shine in our faces when it’s on her nightstand.

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I have been getting a monthly call religiously from Dexcom, who ships my supplies. No call this month, no email. I have one sensor left and its not from the last batch. I have been on hold for 29 minutes as of this moment. The message said 15-30 minutes. If I hear one more “thank you for your patience” urggg!!! I suspect they will tell me they have to get in touch with my doc for a new RX, as they seem to need one every year. Is this because I am one day not going to be a type 1 diabetic? I’m sure it’s Medicare, but it’s a stupid rule.

They can stop sending the supplies when I’m dead but I don’t see why they need a new script on a yearly basis.

Even if someone does eventually get on the phone, I’ll need to be transferred to the medicare coverage department. I will try Tandem from my other phone if its not picked up within 15 minutes. Last time I was suppose to get supplies, they had none in stock and I had to go a week without the CGM; actually, I think it was two. But then I heard it was a supply chain problem. SO now they are advertising on TV and us oldies can’t reach them - this is not good for them. After I was dx as insulin dependent, I got the medtronic minimed pump - at first customer service was fantastic, for about two years, and then it turned to crap. I hope Dexcom doesn’t go in this direction, it would be sad (36 minutes now on hold).

My blood sugars have been running quite high for the last few days. I haven’t been feeling well so it is likely that I have some kind of bug. I often have no sense of where my blood sugar is at, so the CGM is a life-saver. I have had a CGM from the first year they came out and have become dependent. I must say, at this moment, I am so tired of sticking holes in my body: sensors, inserters, needles, lancet. Lots of scar tissue to avoid.

End of this drama: I waited 1 hour and 7 minutes before I hung up. In

If you are on Medicare I don’t see how you can be w/o supplies. My wife and I each get 5 sensors every roughly 4-1/2 to 5 weeks. The delayed on order for about 5 days due to lack of stock. How did you end up w/o sensors (or xmitters) if you have been on them for many months? We’ve restarted some of the sensors–for me maybe an extra 2-3 days, and her sometimes an extra week. Recently I just replace them every 7 days.

I hope you know that each time you are due for an order you are supposed to say you have ZERO supplies left. Otherwise you will be shortchanged. Dexcom themselves told me that when I first started using the G5 over a year ago.