Dexcom - the company and their customer service


I put in an order on the web site mid-day Saturday, 2/9, still shows that as the ship date. 2/15 and they still have not been able to put out the regular order. After the second call I have a confirmation that they are shipping one(1) sensor instead of nine. Wouldn’t let us order before 2/7 and last died on the 9th.

Edwards new web site indicates they stock Dexcom, so I’m going to see if they can process it.


One of the things I use to love about Dexcom was their customer service; it was quick and painless. They are growing faster than they expected, that means they need more people at their customer service centers. Hopefully, they can fix it soon, we love our Dex!

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I usually get through to someone pretty quickly. Just a few moments or at least less than 10 minutes nearly every time. On occasion I’ve called at the wrong time and it might take longer than 20 minutes.

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A company can only get better if you denounce bad things.
And Dexcom still has a lot to learn.
I live in Germany. Here Dexcom was approved quite early. All G4…G6 are paid by our health insurance companies. That means: Here in Germany nobody has to pay money for his diabetes treatment. Europe is organized differently than America, right now.
The Dexcom shareholders were pleased with the European approval. Not only America, but also Germany are large growth markets for Dexcom. The sensor is currently still the best, but it also has a lot of teething troubles, including the G6.

  • Completely absurd Bluetooth connection times
  • 2h Measuring pause at sensor change
  • Transmitter not rechargeable
  • G6-Applikatior is a garbage heap
  • Despite Apple’s help and Apple’s support still no direct access to the Apple Watch (because otherwise FitBit contracts can not be kept and the hardware would have to be developed differently)
    The GUI is very user-unfriendly (ill-considered arrangement of input fields, inconsistent GUI concept, ultra-slow entries in the database)
  • 2 hours of delayed data transfer to the doctor (CLARITY).
  • The service in Germany is very badly organized. Why does a company with wonderful profit prospects hire only a handful of staff to create eternal waiting loops when making phone calls? Why is outdated telephone software used (no announcement of how many calls are on the line)? I hardly know of any companies in Germany where this is so badly organized. Also there is no 24/7 service here! All other companies like Abbott are more patient-oriented. I don’t want the European patient-oriented health culture to be leveraged by American amateurs.
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Good point. Time of day does make a difference.

Few weeks back I called early Sunday morning and was picked up immediately.


Their product works fine but whenever I have to place an order it’s a complete nightmare. I have amazing insurance who always does all steps that dexcom requires and they mess up my order. I recently placed one after I had called and changed my name with them because I got married and when my insurance sent them an order with my new last name that should have been in their system since I changed it. They didn’t no one saved my request so I have been without my dexcom for over a week. I have a stomach condition from my diabetes and have to watch my numbers carefully and I get predawn lows so this past week has been a night. I was even told my then that they were going to over night my order. Never received it and it’s still processing as a new order. In all honesty this kind of service is unacceptable when they are dealing with people who have medical conditions. I am about to call when the lines open and they will be hearing all of this because I am tired of it. Happens every since time with them.


I just hope you keep your rant with Dexcom short and sweet because:

  1. The agent you will be talking to will be doing the very best they can to help resolve your problem.
  2. Every minute of the agent’s time you waste is an extra minute I or another Dexcom customer will just have to wait on hold to be served.

Due to unexpected recent exponential growth, Dexcom has recently been seriously lacking in their customer sales and support experiences. Management is fully aware of this issue and doing their best to resolve it. It is up to us now as customers to do what we can to not exacerbate the issue and cut them some slack or if we find a better product with better service move our business to another company.

For now, Dexcom with their warts and all their issues is not perfect, not even great but the best product I know of in the marketplace. I am confident that either they will resolve their issues this year or we will see another company, from somewhere around the world spring up and take their business competitively.

Think about this and then do yourself and all of us a favor by thinking ahead of how quickly you can explain your problem to Dexcom and tie the agent up for as little time as possible to get your problem resolved.


I work in a support department that takes calls all day so know time on each call is important. You have no idea of my other experiences with Dexcom issues similar to this so please don’t judge it’s not polite. I was just answering the original post. I’m not calling to waste anyone’s time. I have had Dexcom a very long time and really love the product but as a medical company providing medical supplies to customers that need it to live their lives healthier. I would expect better production amounts of the product or at least a more relalistic time table. This is our health and it’s important…that’s all I’m saying. When I talked with them the other day I was told I was the nicest person she had talked to in days.

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Many of us have had harrowing experiences with Dexcom, especially in the past few months. I am sorry you got defensive about my request to cut Dexcom some slack during their time of need. Dexcom has been such a game changer to get from good control to perfect control that my over exuberance for the company and their product, warts and all, at times gets the best of me. It is admirable for a company to put such an effort into a product and service that will become obsolete and put the company out of business the moment a cure is found for the scourge we have been dealt in life.

I sincerely apologize for any additional stress or distress I brought to your life. That was not my intention. I am eternally grateful to this forum, the moderators and all the participants regardless if they agree or disagree with my opinions. This forum has offered invaluable help to tweak my control and quickly opine on issues that I have not discussed with my medical providers.

Thanks to all of you and Kmort I wish you nothing but the greatest success in your diabetes management and am sorry and apologize for any pain I have caused you.

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I’ve read through some of the posts, and just got off the phone with a Dexcom rep. To say that it is a “mess” at Dexcom would appear to be an understatement. I was offered some suggestions:

Do not re-order supplies through the agent assigned to your account. This person has close to 500 people assigned to them. Re-order supplies through the toll-free Dexcom number.
Re-order supplies at least 10 business days before you run out. There are many steps to be taken before a re-order can be sent out. Especially with Medicare, where quality control checks can take up to six business days.
Continue to check on the dates your supplies are to be re-ordered. Be proactive in your health needs.

At this time, it appears that this is going to be the way Dexcom operates for the foreseeable future. Too much of a good product, and too many people who desire it.

More and more, in the past few weeks, I’ve been speaking with reps who speak candidly. They have spoken of a process which is pitiful, and the ongoing stress with high turnover staff rates, and no immediate resolve.

If you choose to continue to Dexcom, put on your seat belts, and take a few extra tablets of “patience medication”. For the foreseeable future, it’s going to be a very rough ride.


I have never done the “agent-assigned” thing and have not had problems (been doing this for 18 months sofar). I don’t even know who is “assigned” nor do I care as it’s not something I have to be aware of.

QC checks haven’t taken 6 days. Just a matter of hours or a day or so. Stock levels have had the biggest impact on the shipping times.

If next month’s order gets waylaid, I’ll certainly mention it here,but I’ve not had problems in the past whereas some of you have been singing the blues for quite some time on various forums. I don’t want to join your ranks. :slight_smile:


I called toll free number on Friday 3/1/19 because my transmitter failed after 2 months. (Fortunately had a spare). Don’t know if I have an assigned rep for tech support or orders as have never been told there was one assigned so I just work with whomever picks up the phone. Monday 3/4/19, before noon I had in hand a replacement transmitter and sensor. Dexcom ships from West Coast and I am on East Coast so considering weekend and distance, service was superb.

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In 18 months, between my wife and I I think we have gotten 5 or 6 receiver replacements. Sensors, 2, possibly 3 replacements. IMO, the receivers are garbage but I like them because it is one button press to see my glucose level (non-touch model). I don’t look forward to being “upgraded” to the touchscreen model. I can’t complain about support for any of our issues, which are few and far between.


Yes, first off, I have had problems with about every third sensor failing before the ten days is up. Went in to the app and click technical help to open a ticket and filled out the form. Received an email that email support is now no longer available (yet the app still allows you to do it) and you have to go their support web page. Okay, so I do that. You only get a very short amount of characters to describe your problem and then it takes days for them to respond.

When they do respond, usually after some minor irritating questions, they will usually replace the sensors. Problem is, you have to go through this process every time, which is ridiculous.

I just had to open another case with the battery on my transmitter failing after less than 2 months after being told it should be good for a year. Insurance only wants to pay for one of these a year. I am sure that will be another set of arguments with support.


they are horrible- i cannot wait for a competing product to be available to medicare patients!!!


I am pretty sure that the FreeStyle Libre has been available to people on Medicare since early last year?

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Another view point on Dexcom and customer service.
I have always used the online reorder system. I get an email reminder and I reorder. This go around I got my reminder, I tried to reorder and it wouldn’t take my info. Sooo, I had to call and wow, it has been a long time since I have had to do this. Now, I didn’t wait long for someone to pick up but once I got on line, the questions were impossible. I told the person that everything was the same, nothing has changed, I just needed a reorder. Between the overseas connection and the accent that was a little heavy, I had a very hard time understanding what he was saying. But we finally got it ordered after having to repeat a number of times my mailing address, we got it done. I didn’t even want to open up the online ordering problem because I could have probably been there for another hour. I reordered on Thursday and he said up to 10 days. I have never waited that long, never, but since I am not out I am still good. But now I will have to see how long it actually takes to get the order. I may have to see if it might be better to go the Costco route. Time will tell.


The “up to” is something every company says. It doesn’t mean it will take that long.


On my February 2019 re-order for March I was told it would take 7 days of processing to get re-order out their door as they were backed up in their shipping department and that I would receive order within 10 days. My order was shipped out exactly 7 days after I placed it and I received it exactly 10 within the time promised. - No complaints


Well, I got my reorder yesterday. So it was 9 business days 13 total days and i’m Going with the 13 days, as shipping happens everyday nowadays. And it is coming from MS. Everything for me before came from AZ so I got it in 2 days at the most. I know, change happens often and some change is good but this change is making me get back into their website and fix my account issues so I never have to deal with this again. So much easier to just reorder on line and we’ll ahead of any possibility of running out.
Very sorry so many people lost their jobs herein AZ and CA and more outsourcing which I know is very helpful for the people in the other countries but so very hard to swallow.
And now, a big deep breath, and move on!
Just an update on how long it took. Sigh!