DexCom Transmitter-- "Gray" replaces "Caucasion Skin Tone" color

Got my replacement kit today. I like the new gray color. It always seemed weird to me when they try to make things the color of Caucasion skin. The transmitter isn't part of my body and doesn't need to be colored like it is.

Did dexcom ever have a skin-toned transmitter? I thought the original STS system’s transmitter was black?

The original was black. The first one I got (a year ago) was skin tone.

The first transmitter I received in April 09 was grey, and the one I got in August 10 was also grey. A slightly different hue, but definitely grey. Maybe you had a signature edition, Etta! :slight_smile:

Gee, maybe I can sell the skin-tone model on ebay! :wink:

June 2009. Also gray.

I’m not nuts. Or at least, not certifiably nuts. Here’s a cellphone photo of the new one (installed) and the old one I’m holding above it. I would call the old one “beige”.

How long did you have the old one? I am debating whether I should hold out for Gen4 or pay for the upgrade.

I had the old one about a year. I’d noticed about a month ago that the transmitter range had become significantly reduced. My insurance covers a new one every year at 85% so I decided to get a new one that works better.

Perhaps another example of diabetes suppliers changing things without reason, and without notice.

Just like this thread I started awhile back, sometimes it all works the same and you are wondering why it changed.

I just took a picture of the two transmitters:

The top transmitter, the one installed on the sensor, is a little lighter compared to the new one, which I am holding. But the definitely are bith grey.

Unless you, Etta, have a greyish skin tone… maybe it’s the Seattle weather, who knows? :smiley:

Greetings from sunny Silicon Valley, California. Solid 90 degrees in sunshine today. And yesterday. And tomorrow. :wink:

Ciao, Luca

Mine from August 2009 was grey

I got my system a year ago and my transmitter was grey?

Most plastics fade and yellow over time… maybe that is all that is happening.

I’ve actually considered painting my transmitter… I’d like to have it be hot pink or something fun :slight_smile: