So nervous about getting my CGM

I took my required class for the CGM. I went to my rep at the place I go to for my diabetes care and put in my request. I had him photocopy my log to show them I check 4 times a day, etc. Now I sit and wait for a week or so to find out if it will be covered! I hope it will be as I can’t pay much into it (15 hour work week and at minimum wage). But I am nervous. I saw the device up close and liked the sensor on the dexcom. I saw the MM one and feel it will rip out. So I am just sitting and waiting! WAHOO!.

I noticed the transmitter comes in Black or silver/grey. is that new?? I saw on the website that it was grey. But overall, cant wait. I’ll see where my levels are heading and an make better choices, etc. And of course continue my fingersticks.

I want to jump and scream around the room.

I haven’t seen a black transmitter; I’ve had my Dexcom for less than a month and the transmitter is a light grey. The other thing that is different now is the receiver carrying case. Previously it was a kind of leather with a snap. Now it’s a softer neoprene type material with a zipper and a clear plastic window. Hopefully that will solve some of the complaints about dust and debris getting inside. It also has a swiveling belt clip.

Good luck getting covered.

Thanks! I just know with my job that i have now I can’t pay much into it but need this so I can better manage my Diabetes. Where did you get your cover for the receiver? I want to get one so I can have it last and take good care of it.

Amy - I am happy you are so enthused about this. I do hope things turn out well for you. The grey transmitter is the transmitter that comes with the “newer” Dexcom 7 model. The black transmitter was from an earlier version. Dexcom is working on the next generation. When I was at the big European Diabetes meetings in Sweden last week, I spoke with a number of Dexcom representatives. Unfortunately, they cannot describe in any detail what the new system will be like other than to talk in general terms about greater sensitivity and accuracy. In the meantime the current system works very well. As for the MM system, it is also a good system, and which one you use is really a matter of personal choice. However, the Dexcom probes are approved by the FDA for 7 days of use and the MM sensors only for 3 days. Also, some people think that the somewhat larger MM probe might be a little more painful on insertion. There are many very satisfied users of that system, however, and the same can also be said for the Abbot CGM (Freestyle Navigator).

the navigator is on back order from what i’m told. One of the reasons why I want to go with the dexcom is you can wear it for 7 days. The less amount of time I am changing it the happier I’ll be. Also I like that the receiver is rechargeable and do not need to replace the battery whereas the mm needs to be changed. once I am on the pump I do not mind changing the infusion set as your suppose to but dont want to be changing the sensor and the infusion set every 3 days. too many inserting! So I guess they had the old sensor. I was like cool a black one. Oh well. At least I’ll benefit from it.

The cover/case comes with it. It also comes with a latex cover but I haven’t used that. Here’s a picture showing the both including the back of the new case.

amy, i usually wear my sensors on average approx about 11-12 days before the readings start going haywire…when the 7 days is over, just go the screen that says start sensor and it will start back up in 2 hours after calibrating…to me this is the best device on the market for diabetics, no matter what CGM you use…i like the Dexcom because of the long life and i like it separate from my pump…this way if i can look at the screen like a beeper, and not have the hose attached…the reason i got my device was because i showed them my logs, and i had 50’s and then 400’s and my doctor told them that i have hypoglycemic unawareness,

I hope they approve dexcom for you. MM failed 5 of 5 attempts in a demo to see if I like MM. Dexcom has failed only once in a year and the sensor was replaced free in three days. I had one for the next week to use in its place. If you have ANY problems with Dexcom, call technical support. They are great.

oh thank you! I was beginning to wonder how will i carry this thing and keep it in tip top shape. I cover all of my electronics so I wanted to do the same with this. I dont like the beige thingy. But do like the black thingy

this is why I wanted to go with the dexcom. I was going to go with the MM but I heard so many complaints about the insertion. Plus I thought well I want to not be confused having 1 unit for 2 different things. I wanted them to be separate. Now if I can only decide which pump to go with!

Thanks Jay. I can’t wait to get it in my hands. I’ll be like a gitty little girl on Christmas morning waiting to play with her new toy.

Hi Amy, I just started with the Dexcom. Just changed my first site by myself. I hope you get approved. I found it so easy to use. I’ve been on a pump for 12 years now - Once you learn one, the other will be quick to pick up… best of luck, Darice

Thanks. I’m surprised my dr wanted me to use the CGM first. But for me, I think its great. At least it can help me prepare for the pump! Especially when you change the basal bolus rate. And of course understand my fingersticks and see the trends. I just can not wait.

Think about it this way: If you are on a CGM while you are starting a pump, it will be a LOT easier to understand your trends, and adjust your basal and bolus rates to give you the best blood glucose readings possible…it’ll be a LOT easier to work out the “ups and downs” of the pump when you’ve got a CGM!
I just started my DexCom after about 6 months on the pump, and I never knew that between 11.00 and 1.00am my blood-sugar was dropping very quickly and then rebounding…because I always do my midnight checks at around 2.00 am! The Dex is such a great tool, you’ll love it!

Best of luck!

Thanks…a friend of mine is a bit hurt I am not going with the MM but after looking at it in person, I didn’t like the device used to insert the sensor. I liked the dexcom one better. So I am happy with my overall choice. i cant wait to receive it in my hands! I also like the fact that it comes with a charger. I try to get electronics that has a rechargeable unit with it.

I’m excited for you! It’s the best thing since sliced bread–it completely changes how I feel about diabetes. I didn’t realize how much I fret over my bg until I had the Dex to give me peace of mind. CGM before pump is a great way to do it.

I am excited as well! It will allow me to make a bit better choices in food even though I still do my finger sticks. At least it will allow me to manage it a bit better and allow me to know where I am heading so when I am on the pump, I can choose food a bit better due to the CGM and can basal and bolus in a better manner