New Transmitter!

My apologies if someone else has posted this elsewhere, but the new, thinner transmitters are now available. I've seen pics and some folks who recently ordered a new transmitter when their warranty was up have gotten one of these new transmitters. I can't wait until our warranty is up!

I didn't even know about them, but my Dexcom was saying the battery was low so I called them up to get another transmitter and was pleased to see it's about 1mm thinner. I typically sleep on my stomach, so this is wonderful.

Awesome, I didn't know! Thanks!

Interesting. Can someone take a picture of both to show the difference? Thanks.

Cool! Now if they'd make the sensor pad thinner too it'd really be a big plus for this system. So far that's been my only real gripe is the height of the sensor/transmitter setup, it's just too "out there" while on your body for me to be comfortable with it all the time. Glad to hear Dexcom finally understands that "thin is in!" :)

Lol! I agree! That would be great!

Found this image online here

Too funny. I swapped out my Tx yesterday, and I did not notice it was smaller! I looked at it on my left bicep just now, and went, "Huh! Lookit that!!"

Sweet. Thanks Andy!

I just went and fetched my old one from the battery bin here at work and took a shot of it...

Has anyone heard anything about any effect on the battery life?

That was my worry. There was no text with it though, so I'm guessing they probably just housed this in a thinner chunk of plastic than before.

Just spoke to Dexcom tech support: same battery warranty (6 months). I suggested they 1) include a statement that it's thinner and same warranty, and 2) that they watch out if the new units die at 6 1/2 months instead of the nearly-a-year that many of us expect... if it only lasts a bit over 6, they'll have a lot of angry users who expected to have a few more months of use. Ahhh, we shall see...

I just received a new replacement transmitter in the last couple of weeks in anticipation of my old one expiring. I haven't even opened the box yet, but I hope they didn't pawn off one of the older thicker ones on me (unless, of course, the battery life actually IS longer in the thicker ones). The Dexcom rep didn't say anything about the transmitters changing, which seems odd. I can't wait to check it out when I get home tonight. Thanks for the heads up!

The new ones have a sticker on the box saying that it's the new slimmer model.

No sticker on the box, and it looks just like the one I’m wearing already. Not real happy about that Dexcom!

Yeah! I wanted to see what it looked like and finally found a website that posted a picture. So for those of you who are curious . . . . here is a pic.

Yeah can't wait to get our new one in the mail!


I just received a new transmitter as I expect my current one to quit soon. I didn’t know they had changed the transmitter until I read about it somewhere. I checked my box and saw I did receive the new design. Can’t wait to try it out.

My replacement for the out-of-warranty one is coming today! Feel lucky about the timing; looking forward to a thinner transmitter.

But having a bit of sticker shock re: cost for replacing it all.

I just got a new transmitter recently and thought it looked different.

Guess this would be why:)