Dexcom transmitter. NEWBIE

I started using Dexcom in mid-October. No training provided, so the Getting Started Guide is all I have.

Thought transmitters lasted 6 months, but turns out it is 12 weeks. Correct?

After I connect a new transmitter, do I reorder?


The Dexcom G4 transmitter was expected to last a minimum of six months although many people find it lasts months longer.
The Dexcom G5 transmitter should last 112 days. I assume it is the Dex G5 you are asking about.
(Dex G5 warranty is basically 90 days but you also get a 22 day grace period for 112 days depending on when you actually start the final sensor session.)

When to re-order is based on insurance and how long you project it will take for the transmitter to actually arrive on your doorstep. At the time that I place an order, I ask the customer service rep what is the soonest date that my insurance will allow my next reorder. I flip forward on my calendar and mark “Dex Order” on that day. Otherwise, I may forget.

BTW - A ton of experience on these forums with many people using the Dexcom. Any specific questions - ask.

Also remember that Dexcom Technical Support is open 24 hours a day every day. Don’t be afraid to call them up for questions as well. They are helpful for far more than strictly broken equipment.



Congrats Sue, dexcom is very helpful for me, and just now put in a new sensor. Have you checked for YouTube videos ?

I find my arms work best, then inner thighs, rather than the recommended stomach, which I use for pump sites.

Good luck.

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