Could my transmitter be bad?

Hi fellow Dexcomers!

I am a little frustrated with my Dexcom G4. I got it so I can see what my blood sugars are doing when I am running. I get ???? and sometimes no readings at all.

I am on a fairly new sensor and it seemed to be working good. But I sometimes get the "no Antenna" message when the Dexcom is right in front of me.

I have the older transmitter because I originally was going to get the Animas Vibe - but changed my mind.

Anyone else having this experience? I am beginning to think CGM is not for me. My readings between the meter and the CGM are often more than 15% apart.

Do any of you have these issues with your Dexcom? Could it be the transmitter?

I just had my transmitter change under warranty from Dexcom due to similar issues. Call them and see if they can help out.

According to the manual, readings up to 20% apart are acceptable. But the other problems do seem like something you should call Dexcom about.

How old is the older transmitter? They are only warrantied for 6 months.

only a couple of months old. Am calling tech support tomorrow.

I believe the newer software was supposed to bring that difference between the meter and your cgm reading down to about 15%. Will find out when calling Dexcom tomorrow.
My readings are a lot greater than that sometimes - 30-40 - or I get sideways readings - Like I could be 140 for blood sugars are not that stable. LOL

Thanks for the replies. Very helpful.

I haven't had those issues with the new Share sensor, or the one released just before that, and I take a number of dance classes each week.

I had one sensor that gave me a lot of ???, but I think that was bad placement. It may have been in a area where there wasn't enough fat? The two sensors I have had since that one have been just fine, even while exercising. Only ?? I have received since the first sensor was when I went in a jacuzzi with the receiver stored in a locker.

I just got the new Share receiver - so will try to see if it makes a difference. I have the sensor/transmitter on my abdomen.

I don’t know where your sensors are located, but static can be a huge problem with synthetic fabric athletic clothes and the Dexcom. This is a blog post I wrote last winter about my issues:

After a year, I still believe that my issues last winter were related to static.

Thanks Laddie - I think it could easily be that. Now that it is getting warmer out I am not noticing it happening as much. Will see - I wear my sensors on my abdomen.

Am going to try my arms. I live in New England and we have had an unusually dry winter. The best thing about it is that we have had nice, powdery snow. LOL