Dexcom Water proof to the extreme!


This is my first post to I have been diabetic for almost 25 years and so far have managed the disease very effectively. I’m in the process of getting a Dexcom unit to help even more!!!

My question is how ‘waterproof’ is the Dexcom unit really? I’ve read on the forums about false highs when the unit has been exposed to water. What I’m really concerned with is if the transmitter unit can really handle water. I’m a scuba diver and always looking for ways to keep myself in good control for this reason. Obviously I won’t be taking the receiver unit underwater with me, however the transmitter would be stuck to me and exposed to depths of 100-130 ft. That would be the equivalent to pressures 4x of what you feel at sea level.

I regularly dive in a drysuit (suit with latex seals at the wrist and neck to keep the rest of the body dry) with my pump attached and so far have had no issues with it. It continues to perform without flaw. I’m hoping the Dexcom transmitter will be able to handle the same.

I’ve called support lines for questions like this in the past. Of course the support person on the other end freaks out and tells me there is no way the unit can do this.


Don’t get the receiver wet. I speak from experience. The transmitter should be good. Since its solid I don’t think depth would affect it. All I’d be concerned about is keeping the transmitter adhered to my body.


Not sure if Dexcom is waterproof to the extent of participating in scuba diving, but the Receiver (which is where you get your blood sugar readings) is most definitely NOT waterproof. If you are interested in looking at your blood sugar WHILE scuba diving, you will have to come out of the water and regain connection to Dex. Minimed pump (which is the other cgms I know about), same thing, because the Minimed pump is not waterproof and you cannot weaar while scuba diving. That leaves you with the Naviagator. Not sure if Navigator is waterproof.

And if you accidentally get the Dexcom Receiver wet, Dexcom will not replace it. You will have to pay for a new Receiver out of pocket.

I know the receiver would not survive the forces of diving. I’m concerned about the transmitter connected to the site.