What about waterproof?

I am currently on month two of MM pump and CGM. I am considering returning the whole thing to get PING pump and a Dexcom. WHY?? The PING is waterproof and in the summer I do a lot of water or around the water “things”. I can’t seem to get info on Dexcom about the waterproof aspect of their CGM (transmitter and sensor). For MM CGM, as long as transmitter is attached to sensor, the whole thing (not receiver of course) is waterproof, so I can enjoy swimming no problem!! Can someone enlighten me on the Dex?? Thanks!!

The Dex transmitter / sensor are also waterproof when properly connected. The receiver is not.

The sensor is waterproof - I’ve worn it while sailing, swimming showering… and I’ve even gotten the receiver a little wet with no ill effects so far :slight_smile:

If I recall correctly, Dexcom guarantees up to 30 minutes at 3’ depth for both sensor and transmitter, it’s in the docs.

The receiver, as Rebecca said, is not waterproof, so you’ll need to put it in a sealed bag if you want to keep it nearby when you’re in the water. Not sure if the radio signal from the transmitter will reach too far in the water though!

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My friend dropped her Dex receiver in the toilet and it was ruined. It cost her $299 for a replacement. Insurance would not help her. It is best to not take the receiver into the bathroom or any other damp area.

Thanks everybody…this helps!!